Let's face it. I had a relatively enjoyable pregnancy. In fact I miss being pregnant a little bit. It had it's challenges physically but my baby was always with me- safe, warm, and fed. Now I have to worry about decoding cries and people hacking their germs on him.


4 weeks: Finding out
13 weeks: Just a pound
14 weeks: Second Trimester
15 weeks: St. Patrick's Day
16 weeks: Quickening
17 weeks: Onion
18 weeks: Sweet Potato
19 weeks: Mango Madness
20 weeks: Half way there!
21 weeks: Not posted
22 weeks: Can you feel it?
23 weeks: Neveah?
24 weeks: Viability
25 weeks: Heartburn
26 weeks: Cucumber
27 weeks: Third trimester
28 weeks: Third tri- part duex
29 weeks: HEPA help
30 weeks: GTT
31 weeks: Weight loss
32 weeks: 8 months
33 weeks: GTT the results
34 weeks: 40 inches
35 weeks: 35/35
36 weeks: 9 months
37 weeks: Full term
38 weeks: View from the top
39 weeks: Officially September
40 weeks: Happy due date!

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