Monday, March 24, 2014

Disney: part 3

So after we spent literally ALL DAY in magic kingdom we were spent. We all slept in so late that we didn't even bother with any theme parks the next day (much to my dismay). We needed some "recovery time". So we spent the day lounging by the pool... I always underestimate how much relaxation is needed in life.

And when I say we spent the day I really mean we spent the day! We started at breakfast. Although it technically wasn't breakfast time- it was merely our first meal of the day.

Pastries and fruit always taste better by the pool!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Magic Kingdom in Pictures

I'm sure I've already bored you with all sorts of details that you honestly didn't care about. But I'm thorough and someday will look back on that and use it as reference. So today, it'll be Magic Kingdom in pictures.

I absolutely adore the top picture. I'm probably going to have it framed for his room or on our family gallery wall. The bottom picture is such a true depiction of his personality.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 2: Magic Kingdom

Because my son loves "MeeMee" I figured our first stop should be Magic Kingdom because that where Mickey lives!

But let me back up a bit first. I had the genius idea to get our plane tickets out of the major airport by my parents house.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Disney: part 1

Well let me start by saying we had such an unbelievable good time and I cannot WAIT to go back! I know even my little guy had a blast even though he's so young. I've heard people say they don't take their small children because there's nothing for them to do or they won't remember it. I'm here to tell you that wasn't our experience at all and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

I have so much information I want to share and so many pictures that I'm not sure how I will break up the posts! I know I definitely don't want to do a "how to do Disney with your baby post' because there were so many resources where I got my information that it would just be redundant. Instead, I'll just point you in the direction as to where I got my info. I will say this- a TON of planning goes into pulling off what could potentially be an expensive vacation but it is soo sooo worth it! But for real- check out my Disney Pinterest board because there are links to things like the number of visitors on Disney property in one given day. So you can choose a good weather week but low volume of people thereby reducing crowds and long wait lines for rides...genius!!

I knew we were going a year ago so this gave me TONS of time to prepare.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

WW: Shopping fail

No worries- no children were harmed in the making of this shopping spree.

 photo fmtmsig-1.png

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thursday's thoughts

1. My son will be 2 and a half on Sunday. I've kept him alive for 30 months!!! I cannot believe how far he's come. He sings, talks, dances, and is a smart as a whip! (how smart is a whip...really?) I think I am going to schedule a photo shoot. I'd like to do a cute theme but I have no ideas. Here is a shot from his 1 and a half shoot. I love these pics so much!
2. I am currently having a really bad allergic reaction to something. It's bad. My upper body is itchy, red, and swollen. I've become best friends with Benedryl. I have an appointment with my allergist for next week but if this doesn't die down by tomorrow I am going to ask if I can come in before then. 
3. I have a crap ton of posts in drafts just waiting to be finished. Only I can't find the words.
4. I am out of storage on my phone again. This is becoming annoying. I realize that I am probably the only person who doesn't dump the pictures from their phone but it's because I don't have the heart to delete them. I have them backed up to multiple places but still. I feel like if I deleted it I am going to need it and won't be able to access it quickly enough. I am slowly getting over that though. Here's a few that's not making the "oh I simply cannot delete that!" cut.
My son hi-jacked my phone and decided to take shoe pics a la Bey & Jay
He's so cool. You can't tell him anything!
Eating Miso soup like a champ! He's loves when we go eat at a hibachi restaurant. And you see that empty bowl of salad next time him? He devoured it.
5. At the end of next week we will be going on another road trip for a work conference for hubby. It is at that point that I will recap last year's conference trip... Oy!
6. It's almost Friday!!!!!
 photo fmtmsig-1.png
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