Thursday, March 24, 2011

16 weeks!

Ahhh 4 months :)

I patiently (somewhat) waited for weeks to check up on our little one. The baby still has a strong heartbeat which she found immediately! The doctor says it's in the 140-150's- so according to the old wives tale if the fetal heart beat is below 140 it's a boy- above 140, a girl! So, we will test this theory since at the last couple of appointments it's been above 140.

My SIL pressured me (lol!) into doing a belly pic. There's a little bump there however, if you ask my family, I'm huge! Strangers probably think I have a beer belly. As long as it keeps growing I'm cool. So, since my SIL okayed the baby bump and in honor of my baby's gestational age of 4 months, I'm finally posting a belly pic. Deep breath in, then let it all out!

So here is what baby is looking like this week:

Pregnancy: 16 weeks

Weight Gain: -1 pound. Yep! I'm back to my starting weight

Sleep: Still not the best but the Snoogle has been a big help... more about that later.

Gender: Team Green

Name: not picked out

Feeling: Still lethargic. I think the baby is taking all of everything.. food, energy... everything!

Health: Still with the backaches. I use a lumbar pillow at work but my back doesn't know it.

Movement: ok, so I think I felt some flutters earlier this week. It could have been gas so only time will tell.

Belly: I think it may be actually worth measuring now. Note to self: get mom's measuring tape. 

Next Appointment:  Level II ultrasound is April 18 and 20 week appointment is April 22. 

And here it is folks...

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