Monday, March 12, 2018

Photo organization

A friends of my does a weekly Facebook posts where she solicits the opinions and feedback of others. I enjoy this because I learn a lot about her and many of our other friends as well as gain new perspective and insight about many topics. Not too long ago she inquired about what hobbies we like. My first response was photography. I'm pretty surprised that it came to my mind first because while I take a lot of pictures I don't consider myself a photographer nor do I dedicate the time that I would like to develop that skill. But either way I still appreciate the beauty of a good photo especially when it's of my babies.

Whenever we go on vacation I aim to take 1,000 pictures. I know, that's insane but my goal of 1,000 pictures came after our vacation to Paris. Someone incorrectly told me it was the city of 1,000 lights so I thought it would be cool to take 1,000 pictures. Turns out, Paris is actually dubbed the city of lights but since then I like to take 1,000 pictures of our destinations. It's both helpful and a handicap when I go to make a photo book of the trip.

Which brings me to how I organize my photos. When you are constantly snapping pictures, you need some sort of rhyme and reason to organize them. And the Virgo in me loves to organize.

My (now) main source of picture organization is Dropbox. I love that you can access it via web, computer app or mobile app. It's cloud based so I can access the data from anywhere and I can access it using any method as long as I have an internet connection.

In my photos folder, I first organize starting by year. This helps me keep photos organized "chronologically". Although they aren't totally chronologically organized this helps me keep them in a relative order. For instance, if I am looking for my son's first birthday picture, I would start at the 2012 folder (because that's the year he turned one). I find this is best for me because if I need to find a particular folder as long as I know a general time period it happened I can find it.

Dropbox iPhone app view

I do have a few "outlier" folders. These are generally ones that need to be "put away". See those Christmas stocking pictures? I used those in a blog post which is how they landed there, I just never had the opportunity to put them where they need to go.
Desktop view

Within each yearly folder I have my photos divided in a sub folder by event. Sometimes this is alphabetical, sometimes chronological. It really doesn't matter either way cause I can use the sort function if I'm having trouble locating something.

Desktop View

Then within the sub folders are the pictures from that event. Very rarely do I rename photos from the camera's naming convention. If I have a small amount of photos where I need quick glance access to the subject then I will but that may happen once (possibly twice) per year.

Wed version view

Hopefully this little tid bit is helpful. I know there are tons of ways to go about photo organization but this works best for me. If you have a different method drop a comment below- I'd love to know!
 photo fmtmsig-1.png
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