Monday, March 7, 2011

Second Trimester!

Okay, so when does the second trimester actually begin? Because there are three different schools of thought on this (by development, conception, and gestation) I decided to turn to one of my handy dandy TTC websites and this is what I got:

Estimated Due DateSeptember 8, 2011 
Conception/OvulationDecember 16, 2010 
Pregnancy TestDecember 30, 2010 
Baby's First Heartbeat January 13, 2011 
2nd Trimester Begins (Weeks 13-26)March 3, 2011 
3rd Trimester Begins (Weeks 27-40)June 9, 2011 
Quickening Begins (~16-24 Weeks) Between March 24, 2011 and May 19, 2011 
Viability (24 Weeks) May 19, 2011 
Pregnancy considered term if deliveredBetween August 18, 2011 and September 22, 2011 
Gender Ultrasound (~18-20 Weeks) Between April 7, 2011 and April 21, 2011 
Maternity clothes may need to be consideredStarting around March 24, 2011 
  You will need maternity clothes for:
Spring, Summer and Autumn 
So, according to this timeline, I am already in my second tri- (yaay!) and maternity clothes are 17 days away (-__-). It's not that I have anything against maternity clothes, but I don't find too many clothes that are all that fashionable. Just because I'm pregnant, doesn't mean I have to look frumpy!

The Mrs.

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