Thursday, June 16, 2011

28 weeks!

It's here again:
So according to all the schools of thought- I am in my thrid trimester.  This week I figured it was time to schedule my pre-natal massage. I am so excited!!! I love day spas and massages. The spa that I go to is absolutely amazing. Hopefully I can show pictures (of the spa!) after my appointment but I am sure I will be too wrapped up in bliss to remember. I also tried to schedule my maternity pictures- but my brother is usper busy and refuses to give me a date. I am going to make him change poopy diapers for a week if he waits too long and I have to go to a studio of some sort!

Pregnancy: 28 weeks

Gender: Team Green

Name: Undecided

Weight Gain: Well, my weight did go up, but I forgot to write it down at the doctor's office so I forgot period. We will see what my next appointment brings.

Sleep: The HEPA filter still hasn't arrived. I still feel like I can't breathe at night. Feel sorry for my husband.

Feeling: I still have lingering symptoms of this stupid cold. Congestion is the main culprit. I now know why babies are inconsolable when they are sick.

Health: FYI: I got the cooties from my husband.

Movement: Just this morning there was a body part protruding from my belly. I wish I knew what it was.

Belly: Getting bigger. Someone remind me to actually ask my doctor what my fundal height is at my next appointment.

Next appointment: Next week!!!! We are now at the every two weeks stage :) I love the fact that I get to check on my little one so often now. Hearing that heartbeat on the doppler never gets old.

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  1. wow, its moving fast even from a distance! ray, pls schedule time to take preggo pics!

    thanks so much for the wedding photo (updated my blog)! it replaced my ashanti pics as my!


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