Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday

Let me start by introducing the series. Since it is officially the Christmas season I am dedicating a few posts to the holiday. A series of which will be wishlist wednesday. Don't get me wrong - I already have the greatest gift anyone could ask for and I am so excited for his first Christmas.

A total of 14 (now 15 {with my son} and sometimes 16) of my family members normally get together for the holidays. We eat, we laugh, we reminisce, and we play games. In the past we would all exchange gifts with each other on Christmas. However, a few years ago my family decided that we would no longer buy gifts for everyONE. Not only was this an economical decision but it was becoming increasingly hard to buy original gifts for everyone. So on thanksgiving we put all of our names on the Turkey platter and then draw. Somehow a hat eluded us and this was after we ate and cleaned it. We set a budget of $60 and give our top 3 wishes.

I have found that over the years we have gotten creative and some people will buy gifts for everyone! I don't know why but putting a limit on everyone has forced us to get creative and thrifty. For example, my unmarried Aunt always talks about how she wants a man- so the year my mom pulled her name she went the toy store and got her a GI Joe figurine... and there you have it folks- she got a man! It was absolutely hilarious! My mom also got her a 'real' gift in addition to that but we all wait in anticipation on see who it going to be the most clever.

This year I want a new camera.

I know this is way (waaay) over budget but a girl can dream... can't she? I mean I have a pretty good point and shoot camera and don't really NEED much more. But I also feel like I want to take the best pictures possible of this little guy: I kind of want aDo-SLR. I feel like I could take better quality pictures with this type of camera. I could be wrong, but I'd like to try.

With that I also want to learn how to edit pictures beyond the basics. I have already learned a few good tips and free editing websites from some other bloggers but I'd like to take my editing to a whole 'nother level. In fact, for the new year (and for my son) I would like to do the 365 day photo challenge. I've seen quite a few other bloggers do this and with some awesome variations ( see this mom's 365 love letters to her daughter). I would have to do my own variation of this and probably 52 love letters. You all know I don't like setting myself up for disappointment and surely if I try to take a picture once a day- I would. So I could do once a week and then put them into a book for him. I like the love letters take on it because it makes the pictures that much more meaningful.

But instead I'll compromise with a tri-pod. I think this would help with some of my picture taking endeavors and costs a boatload less than the former.

So whoever has my name... hint, hint!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas has come early!

I love getting new things. Especially when it 'works' for me. A few months ago, hubby decided to surprise me with an awesome gift. Well it finally came to fruition last week. And I LOVE it!

This actually wasn't an easy decision- I am very indecisive when it comes to large purchases. But in the end it worked for us financially so I am okay with that. It has bluetooth so I make and receive calls without taking my hands off the steering wheel. It has iPod integration so my favorite tunes are at my fingertips, plus it has a ton of other cool features but the one I like the most:

I get to stare at my little guy at traffic lights :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday weekend :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

How did it go?

Baby boy's well visit went pretty...well. I was super nervous because he was going to get his first round of shots today. I was also anxious to see how much he's grown. So here it is:

Yep! My little bit is 13 pounds and not happy about it! Whoa! He's growing like a weed! He is in the 75th percentile for weight. At 23 inches long he is in the 50th percentile for length, and his big old dome is 17 inches... the doctor said that's "the top of the curve"...

When it was time for his shot his daddy held his hand. So sweet.  But that didn't stop him from lighting up the doctor's office. I must admit- I didn't look when she did it. I felt so bad for him. Normally he is not like this at the doctor. But I'm normally not an angel after getting a needle either- so I can't blame him. I just couldn't wait to scoop him up in my arms and take the pain away.

After some mommy and daddy cuddles and a little snack:

He's all better :)

I don't think any of us are looking forward to the next well visit.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Y3W: Nursery Reveal:Part 1

Well sorta...

I know that was more than three words and this is a 'kind of' reveal.

I love it when people finally reveal their babies nurseries! Although this is typical done while mommy is pregnant- we had some special circumstances. First, I am a procrastinator. It's horrible but I reasoned that the baby would be sleeping in the bassinet in the room with us so really the nursery didn't need to be done right away. Second, hurricane Irene delayed delivery of some of the furniture. It actually delayed two thirds of it and that actually annoyed me to no end. Lastly, my husband decided to rip down the ceiling at the last minute- it was annoying him to no end.

So let's start with the before:

This was our second bedroom/multi purpose room. Notice how the day bed doubles as a laundry folding table and my home office is accompanied by an ironing board.

My husband will surely be upset that I posted pics of the bedroom in such disarray. I must admit I didn't properly document the 'during' process. I would always have an after thought of "I should have taken a picture of that!"

The inspiration for the nursery came from another mommy blogger. I loved it because it wasn't gender specific (important because I didn't know who my little guy was yet) and could be accented to suit either gender. So this is the work in progress:

And that last minute ceiling incident? Well here is the only picture that I remembered to take and it's already nearly done so you don't get the effect of the look on my face when I came home and could almost see straight through to the studs.


I Love...

The Crib- ignore the animal brigade standing guard over his bed

The dresser/changing table. Once he's potty trained I want to trade in the changing station for the hutch that is sold separately.

The armoire- no none of his belongings are in the closet to the right. The downfall of living in a 1920's (or thereabout) built home is that the closets in the kids room is taken over by the parents. My brother and I lived our entire lives like this (he's still living it) and I hope we get to move before my kids become victims...

 Yes I've fallen asleep many nights feeding him in this chair. So has my brother... and father... but without the baby and during the day...

Remember the ceiling incident... whew!

This is the only wall that has something on it... yea it's pitiful!

So the nursery is almost complete. I still have to decorate the walls some. This is a tiny room so I don't want to overcrowd it and make it stuffy plus he has to grow into it and Christmas hasn't come yet. I suspect he'll be getting a ton more stuff.

I have wooden letters that spell out his name- I need to paint and hang them. Problem is I'm not sure what type of craft paint to get and what color/design I want to paint it. I'm a crafty wanna be so that process is going to take forever! I also want to add maybe 2 more smaller shelves in there. There are a couple of things I want to display in the but I don't want it to take up too  much wall space. And lastly I'm pretty sure I want to put wall words over the crib. I am OBSESSED with wall words and would have a saying in every room in my house if I could (or I thought it wouldn't be over kill). Problem is I don't remember the website I want to order it from. I know there are a million websites that sell wall words but this website had some over thee best quotes along with customizations that I've have yet to see duplicated on any other website.

So there you have it- that's where my son does not sleep. And I have a feeling that with all of my indecisiveness the nursery reveal part 2 post won't be for quite some time. This is where you come in... please give me some design ideas! No matter how big or small. Even if you don't have any "ideas" but know good websites/stores where I can get unique and/or personalized pieces please let me know.

Thanks a bunch! And you can link up with Y3W!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Two months old!

Hey baby boy!

I can't believe how fast time is flying!

It seems like yesterday we were just bringing you home. It's amazing how much you've grown! Just look at the difference in two months...

When we first bought you home there was so much more room between the top of your head and the top of the newborn insert in the car seat. Now- it's looking like it's time to take out the insert! And did you see that? You're smiling a bit now. Smiling is one of the major milestones I look forward to with you. I really can't figure out exactly what makes you smile besides your dad but I know one day you will look at me and smile because you're happy :)

I'm trying my hardest to document your life (and growth) in pictures so we can look back one day and see how far you've come. But it seems as though mommy's monthly growth pictures bore you to insanity.

Unfortunately, I don't know your two month stats yet because your well visit isn't for a few more days. Although I'm still learning how to be a mom- you've been very patient with me and I thank you for that. I'm learning how to distinguish what your cries mean and anticipate your needs before you get irate. You are exploring your surroundings and beginning to understand what you like and don't like. Milk is still your favorite food and ceiling fans are still your entertainment of choice. You amaze me everyday and I know it will only continue.

This past month, you had your first play date and you cried the whole time. You see sweetie- you do not like to go to sleep. Don't get me wrong, you LOVE to be asleep but you hate falling asleep. I think you think you are going to miss something important. I try to explain that nothing will happen but you argue me down... even after I promise to fill you in on anything that happens, in great detail, once you wake up. It doesn't work. I then have to resort to sneak tactics like turning on the vacuum cleaner.

Of all these things that make you who you are in these two shorts months, none of these things hold a candle to the fact that you are loved.


Some people dream of angels
I hold one in my arms 


Monday, November 7, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Yes, I am aware that Halloween was a week ago. Although in some neighborhoods in surrounding areas Halloween was just 3 days ago due to power outages cause by a freak snow storm. But either way I wanted to share the cutest trick-or-treater in the world!!!!

Growing up we didn't really celebrate Halloween but I am obsessed with documenting my son's life so he will have the chance to see how he looked as a baby and how things were.  We didn't actually take him trick or treating. We stayed at my sister in-law's house to pass out candy while she and her husband took their son trick-or-treating.

I think he's the most precious bumble bee ever!
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