Friday, May 20, 2011

24 weeks!


This is a very important milestone. Basically at 24 weeks the baby is legally viable and the baby has a better chance at survival withing the limits of current technology. However, my hubby and I sat down with the baby and had a nice long talk about how this does not give him or her permission to come now.

Pregnancy: 24 weeks!

Weight Gain: To my absolute total surprise I didn't not step on the scale once this week. I usually just kick it by accident in the middle of the night while trying to use the bathroom in the dark.

Sleep: Still not improving... and I can't even catch daytime naps. This afternoon I tried to take a nap after work and the noise from outside did not let this happen. Seriously, I was about to throw a brick out of my window. Every night I tell myself that I am "going to bed early" and it never happens.

Gender: Team Green

Name: I think we have it narrowed down to 2 names for a girl and one maybe name for a boy. But we are still not sharing.

Feeling: Tired and annoyed. I wish I could walk around with a meter that tells people how I am feeling so they can react accordingly. But I am definitely going to save this for later and perhaps dedicate a whole post to it.

Health: Pretty good although I swear I hear my pelvic bones go snap, crackle, and pop every once in a while.

Movement: This is such a good feeling. I feel like this little one is already developing a personality of sorts. The other night I was sitting on the couch and bent over to pick something up off the floor and the baby kicked me back! Of course little bit was probably just saying "get off me mom! you're squishing me!"

Belly: Still growing! This week I saw a body part kind of sticking out the side of my belly. I wish I knew which body part that was. The baby was like that for about a day and a half. Now that the baby has moved- I miss it!

Next Appointment:  June 9 I started to do a sad face emoticon but the I realized that I always begin this weekly post by saying how time is flying. So no more wishing time away just to "check on the baby" anymore. I want to enjoy every day of this journey.

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