Thursday, March 17, 2011

15 weeks!

I am so glad to have reached another week! And It's St. Patrick's Day! Despite being so tired, I am loving this! I forgot to take the Corned Beef out the freezer, so it looks like I'll be cooking that this weekend. Last year was my first year cooking corned beef and it came out very good- so I am looking forward to trying my luck again this year :) Although I'm not Irish- at all, in fact I am very far from it- my brother and I have red hair and freckles. Makes me wonder what my little one will have.

So on to my update...

Pregnancy: 15 weeks (still not ready to post the belly pics yet)

Weight Gain: I'm still going by the weight calculated at my docs appointment 3 weeks ago because my scale at home says something completely different- as in weight loss.

Sleep: Horrible! This has to do with many outside factors but it also takes me a long time to get comfy at night. I just recieved a few bed, bath, and beyond coupons so my weekend mission is the Snoogle.

Gender: Team Green

Name: not picked out yet- but we have narrowed down some names for each gender.

Feeling: Down right exhausted. Often, when I'm at work I can't pick myself up off my desk. I'm still feeling bloated too.

Health: The frequency of backaches has gone down and I think I've also pinpointed it to being anxiety related.

Movement: I think I felt flutters here and there but I can't be sure if it was baby movement. I can't wait until I am sure.

Belly: Still poking out! I still think I look more pregnant than I am, however my co workers did notice it the other day. Still no stretch marks and counting my blessings.

Next Appointment: 8 more days... goodness gracious. I can not wait to go see this little one again.

Here's what it's looking like on the inside...
... and I'll leave you with this:

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