Hi there!

I'm Autumn. At least that's what I call myself. She's my alter ego of sorts.

I'm a redheaded, dessert loving, writer wanna be with a penchant for photography. I've come a long way since awkwardly geeky me and I dream of the days where I become a "how does she do it all-er".

I have a tendency to over react, over analyze, say write too much and be indecisive. So, that should be fun... right?

In 2008 on a gorgeous October fall day I married someone who I never thought I would fall in love with and it was amazing! So many times I wish I could go back and relieve that day. Also, I get the impression that our guests had fun.

I enjoyed newlywed life a ton! We decorated our apartment, went out all the time, and enjoyed being with each other. After our one year anniversary *ish hit the fan and my fairy tale was almost over. I haven't discussed it with anyone but we survived the storm and went on to have more laughs, smiles, and fun then ever. I really wanted to spend our first year together just the two of us and really spend time with each other. But that didn't last too much long because I began to have baby fever. I stalked TheBump.com until I got my Big Fat Positive and then I needed to scream it from the rooftops. And then.... From Mrs to Mom was born.

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