Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Love Story

I decided to join the 'Our love story' blog hop over at From Mrs. to Mama (funny, right?!). The day she posted this she had over 130 entries- sheesh! Clearly every other blogger in the world thought this was a cute idea- I am no different... so here goes!

1. How long have you and your significant other been together?

Well this is a hard question (do I ever do anything easily?). We were mere acquaintances before we began dating. And when we began dating exclusively it kind of just happened- so I'm not sure when we officially became 'together'. If you ask my husband he would say 'the whole summer' so for the sake of just answering the question I am going to go with "met in 2001, dated in 2005, married in 2008".

Us in 2005

2. How did you meet? {What's your "love" story?}
As if answering question #1, wasn't 'roundabout' enough- we were acquaintances first. But for the sake of our jobs (I'm sure it's a moot point now though) I am going to go with we met at a University :)

3. If married, how long have you been married? If not, is this the guy you hope to marry? {do tell}
3 years, 4 months, and 4 days. It's funny why this is so specific. But by time this post is published (yes it's been in my drafts since 2/7/12) I'm not sure if I would have told you the story of the 'not-so newlywed game' yet.

4. If you are married, where did you get married at? Big or small wedding?  If not, where would you like to get married? And will it be big or small?
I LOVED our wedding. The only thing that could have made it more perfect is it it were 40 hours in a day on 10.10.08. I still smile every time I think back. As much as I loved our wedding I still haven't properly documented the goings on. We have well over 1,000 pictures, a wedding album, 2 parent albums, a few more pictures books from generous friends who took pictures at our wedding and I haven't done my own scrapbook yet. But for the sake of answering the question: New Jersey, Big.

5. Do you have any nick-names that you call one another? Do share!
We do! I'm not so sure if I should share though. He might get me for this but I call him poopie and he calls me pootie. I have no idea how these nicknames came about, but no, we do not call our son pookie.

6. Name 3 things you love most about your honey.
His personality.
His Charisma.
The way he loves me.

7. Tell us how he proposed? Or your ideal proposal?
On a horse and carriage ride in Central Park. It started with dinner at one of thee best restaurants I've ever been to. With the exception of last year we have gone back there every year on our engagement anniversary. It was amazing! He had asked my parents for my hand in marriage prior to then (how traditional!) so when we got back from dinner- my mom was standing in the kitchen screaming, lol! My dad had bottles of something (it may have been Verdi, it may have been champagne) and there was another get together in my Aunt's backyard. There we announced it to almost everyone in my family. My jaws hurt just thinking about how hard I was cheesing that night.

There was only one bad thing about the whole event. That morning I dropped my camera on the floor and broke it. At the end of our horse and carriage ride when I realized that I would have NO pictures from that day- I cried. In hindsight that's pretty lame- but pictures are important to me.

8. Is he a flowers and teddy bear kind of guy for v-day, or strawberries, champagne, and rose petals?
It depends. Definitely no flowers- I'm allergic. My husband says that's why he married me. And...I don't drink (I know, I know!). I'm just not all that thrilled with the burning sensation you get in your throat from drinking alcohol. However my husband is an AMAZING cook. And he will cook me my favorite meal on V-day, my birthday, or just because I had a bad day. I'm a foodie so it means the WORLD to me when he does. I'm satisfied with that.

He has however given me a bouquet of flowers before. I still have about 4 of the first dozen roses he's ever given to me.

This picture was taken 1/14/2008 so I have no idea why I got these...

9. Are you a sunset dinner on the beach kind of girl, or pop a movie in and relax on the couch?
Both! I will spend Valentine's Day however we are in the mood. Quite honestly in recent months I have not been in the mood for crowds so a movie on the couch sounds like a good plan to me right now- especially if my hubby cooks. However, a dinner at sunset on the beach would be wonderful (see the beach in the background from our 2005 picture). We both love the beach and food. Unfortunately this year if we did either we would fall asleep after 10 minutes because quite honestly we are sleep deprived.

10. Tell us one thing you'd like to do with your significant other one day. If you could do anything? Go anywhere?
We both have all sorts of travel plans- Germany, Italy, Spain. I don't think we could ever pick just one place.

Us in Paris, 2006. For whatever unknown reason this picture is EXTREMELY blurry so it's ok if you don't believe me

11. Tell us what you plan on doing on this Valentine's Day.
Getting a baby sitter (thanks Mom & Dad!) and taking a nap. Romantic right?

12. Are you asking for anything this Valentine's day?
Nope, I never really do. I may mention something in passing but I don't really like gifts for Valentine's Day.

When I was in 7th grade 5 different boys bought me gifts. I had no idea they were even going to do this- it came out of the blue completely. I was 12 and according to my dad 12 year olds aren't supposed to know that boys exist- so how was I to show up at home with all of this stuff. I mean it was a lot of stuff- one guy bought me the world's hugest teddy bear- I think he got kicked out of homeroom for even having it. So, I gave it all away... Bad idea right? Well I was only 12! They all ended up hating me for it. And that started my dislike for Valentine's Day. I think I handled it the best way a 12 year old could. Over the years my hatred for Valentine's Day has died down a little- needless to say I hope that never happens again!

13. Give us one piece of advice of keeping a relationship strong and full of love.
Communicate! Please talk to the one you love. If the way he leaves his socks balled up in the wash bothers you- say it! If you bottle it up it will only blow up one day in a way that you did not intend for it to. Besides, he can't fix it if he doesn't know what to fix.

And because I suck at following directions... you should also learn to compromise. Give and take. If he finally fixes that shaky hand rail (even if it took 7 months) don't mention it when he uses up all the hot water- right when you get back from the gym.

14.  Show us a picture of what love means to you.

As much as pictures are important to me- I don't think I have a picture that could accurately describe it.

Want more love stories...head on over to from mrs. to mama' there are even question/posts for/from single ladies! I hope you enjoyed ours :)


  1. hehe, i love your Valentine Day plans! napping is good :)

    it was fun to read your love story! i don't know what it is but i love knowing how people became to be a couple.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Love your story. And that actually sounds like the best valentines plans ever!!

  3. I really enjoyed reading your love story. Such a romantic proposal.


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