Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WW: Mom dancing

I know this post is supposed to be *wordless* but I thought it needed a brief introduction. Okay, not needed but I wanted to do it. It's a video which you may or may not have seen but I wanted to share it anyway because it's absolutely hilarious. In keeping with the *wordless* theme- it has no spoken words, only subtitles so feel free to watch it with the volume on or off (for those at work or putting their littles to bed). But if you can, have the volume on because the music will make it funnier.

Monday, February 25, 2013

She Rocks: Red

Today, I'm linking up with TOI. I'm loving her new project and can't wait to participate.

Toi is an amazing mommy/lifestyle blogger with whom I happen to have a few things in common with. I enjoy her writing, photography, and her take on life. She isn't from America (unlike my self) and reading her blog is such a refreshing take on the international life. The best part is: she has a beautiful baby girl just a bit over two months younger than my little boy. I love sharing our sentiments on interracial marriage, raising a biracial child(ren), and our loving for baking :)

So, now that you have been formally introduced... lol... here's more about her project. Last year she started the "She Rocks" movement in which she invited her fellow women to write an essay in which the shared what keeps their individuality alive. Unfortunately  I never submitted an essay, well, because my writing kind of sucks. Plus, I'm not a good inspirational person period. But...Never fear! This year it's all about OUR interpretation of the theme. Once a month she provides a theme and then we (participants) can submit our interpretation of it via photos!

Now this is my cup of tea. I've already shared with you my love for photography and my desire to be my children's momtographer. These prompts are sure to get me moving and allow me to get some practice in. It isn't as intensive as the 356 challenge (fail!) so I'm on board!

Too much jabbering?? Yea, I tend to do that. This month's assignment was "Red and/or Love". This goes great with Valentine's Day and how we make it a special point to share and celebrate our love with others. So, without further ado, I present to you my interpretation of this month's theme! Okay, first let me say- these pictures were my second choice. My first choice picture needs lots of editing which I never seem to have the time for. Either way- be gentle :)

One of my Loves on a red bike. He's obsessed with forms of transportation.
I'm a totally foodie. Seafood is my favorite :)
If you have a minute you should hope on over to TOI's blog and check out hers :) Let me know what you think!

Saturday, February 23, 2013


257 posts
50, 800+ pageviews
2 years...
Happy Blogiversary to me!!!

For a quick trip down memory lane here is my first anniversary post and my very first post. I've come a mighty long way.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Today's Thoughts

It was never my intention to take a blogging break. But life has been moving full speed ahead.

- I started a new job last week. I'm a part time temp employee. I think this is the perfect transition back into the working world. This is a big adjustment for me and the little guy and I'm so very grateful for the opportunity to be able to do it this way.

- We hired a nanny. It was our only option at the time. He was on the waiting list at all the certified day-cares in the area and this job just fell into my lap. Given the choice I would have made the interview process a little longer but it has been working out really well so far. The hardest part is watching the tears run down my little boy's face as I walk out the door.

- We recently got a call (5 days after I started working) from one of the day cares in which he was on the waiting list. Oy!!! Out of respect for our recently hired nanny, I'm not letting her go just yet. We were upfront with her about our intentions to put him in day care around the age of 2 but I'm not sold just yet. Why must everything be SO hard?!?!

- I never thought I would say this but I think I may regret leaving the medical profession. I'm thinking it may have allowed for a little more flexibility in child care. A blogger that I follow works the overnight shift at the hospital so that she can be home with her children during the day... GENIUS!! Makes me regret leaving the field.

- I feel truly blessed right now. My family is doing really well and we are having a good time at this point in our lives. I thank God everyday (several times a day) for this blessing. Sometimes I think things are too good to be true and I often sit around nervously waiting for "that phone call" or "it to happen". I know that it the completely wrong way to think but I can't help it. I was so anxious over the Christmas holiday that I barely slept.

- Speaking of sleep. I haven't been sleeping well at all, if at all! I know that is in large part due to the fact that I am returning to work AND using a nanny. While grocery shopping one day I came across an organic bedtime sleep tea. It claims to have a calming effect and helps you go to sleep. The day I bought it I went to sleep right away no problem (without it!). And what do you know... I haven't used it since I bought it. But now that it's been a week I am back to 'not falling asleep' so I think I will be trying it soon.

- Did anyone see Oprah's interview with Beyonce?? While I enjoyed it, I felt like there was some holding back. Maybe Bey was nervous because her documentary was premiering in a matter of minutes. When you open yourself up like that it can be nerve wracking ... trust me. Letting you all into my life, home, and family is hard. I realize that no one is forcing me to do it and there are aspects that I certainly like (and dislike) but at times it's tough. I always battle with how much to share or reveal without holding back, seeming too perfect, or coming off fake. I have no problem sharing the good with the bad but there is a fine line in terms of over-sharing. I haven't watched the actual documentary yet but I plan on it!

- My 2 year blogging anniversary is on Saturday!!! I am so happy to have committed to this for two years. After the birth of my son I definitely struggled (and still continue to) at times to post regularly but that's to be expected right? Just like last year, I thought there would be more fanfare surrounding this milestone but there won't be any giveaways, face lifts, or anything of the sort. I'll be lucky if I get around to posting.

- This weekend the (little) babe and I are hanging out in the area. We are going to be venturing out and about just the two of us and I'm nervous. Despite being her for 5 months I still feel like I'm playing 'an away game' and add that to the fact that a toddle can freak out and melt down at almost any moment and my nerves have a right to be on edge. However, I'm still looking forward to it.

- Lately hubby has been having things to do in the evenings which kind of cuts into my blogging time. I really only blog once he's asleep but if hubby isn't home it leaves me with a few extra nighttime chores like cleaning the kitchen and straightening up the playroom. I think things will die down soon so hopefully I get to spend some time with you :)

- And lastly, Congrats to Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose on the arrival of their baby boy Sebastian!!!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Mind Right Moday: February

Welcome to the February edition of....

Goals for this month:

- Go back to work. Yea, you read that right. I can't find the words on how I feel about this. It's been an emotional roller coaster for me. Not the 'goingback to work' but finding childcare.

- Try 4 new recipes. That's one per week. Shouldn't be that hard... right?!

-Keep up my 3 a week schedule. Unless of course work gets in the way.

- get more camera practice in. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I received an awesome camera for Christmas (which I am going to bother to blog about one day). I have been using it to death since then but more so to capture our adventures. I want to get some practice in using manual mode and getting more beautiful lifestyle shots of my little guy and the awesome things around us.

- Clean the window and mirrors in the guest bedroom. Small steps.

- Make some additional progress on the little guy's baby books.

I'm grateful for:

- My iPad. It has been instrumental in keeping my blogging on track. I used the blogger app to start posts when I can't be at my computer and this helps.

- Having heat. It's been crazy cold lately- like 1 degree cold.

-The unveiled wife. I have no idea how I found her but she came into my life for a reason. Being away from family, friends, and everything that I've been used to and PLUS be a SAHM with very little "me" time could certainly be a recipe for a strained relationship. She's very encouraging and mindful and I love seeing her prayers pop up in my news feed. I snuck into my mom's phone and liked her facebook page from my mom's account and even she's liking her (I think)!

-Ellen. Yes, Ellen Degeneres. My little guys LOVES this show. I'm not sure if its the dancing or what but he claps when the audience claps, laughs at her jokes, and dances to the music. He doesn't sit in front of the TV and just watch but she usually distracts him for a few moments while I try to put together some seblance of a dinner.


- Clean the guest bedroom from top to bottom. Last month's carry over. I'm just going to walk the hall of shame now- and break down this goal into smaller little goals.

- Walk 2 miles 3 times per week. It's a little cold out and its been snowing like crazy so this may be over ambitious! Eh, not so much. The wather has been bananas! I don't think I've ever experiencedso much snow before. It snows about 4 times per week here. And while the actual snow isn't the problem- the unshoveled sidewalk is. I once went out to brave the cold after it had stopped snowing and my usual 3 mile less than an hour walk took about an hour and a half. Hubby and I have decided to invst in a jogging stroller in the coming months. On the upside we have a freakishly warm weather day that melted a great deal of the snow and I was back out there!

- Do a blog post 3 times per week for the remainder of January. Yep! I'm actually glad I made that goal. I was able to focus and bang out some posts that probably would have never gotten done- especially with the fun we've been having!

2.5 out of 3 isn't too shabby. Last month I was 5 out of 6... at least I'm consistent!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Game Day

source: unknown

I'm a fan of the Super Bowl. I like the party, food, & fun. I usually don't have a vested interest in the teams playing (unless my hubby's or dad's team is playing) so I generally look forward to sitting around and chatting with "the girls". This year's highlight for me is the half-time show. The last time I was looking forward to the half-time show was when Janet Jackson was headlining!

In honor of this year's festivities I'm hoping to try out some new game day recipes!

- Every good party needs a good dip! And this bacon double cheeseburger dip fits the bill! I plan on serving this with tortilla chips and watching it disappear.

- I'm a fan of one dish pasta's although I'm used to cooking them in a sauce of some sort like spaghetti or alfredo. This is different and looks like a crowd pleaser:
3/4 bag ziti noodles,1 lb of ground beef, 1 pkg taco seasoning, 1cup water, 1/2 pkg cream cheese, 1 1/2 cup shredded cheese -- boil pasta until just cooked, brown ground beef drain, mix taco seasoning 1 cup water w/ ground beef for 5 min, add cream cheese to beef mixture, stir until melted remove from heat, put pasta in casserole dish, mix in 1 cup cheese, top pasta/cheese with beef mixture gently mix, top w/ remaining cheese, bake at 350* uncovered for 15-20 minutes

- What's party without dessert?! And this cake comes with lots of team spirit! This looks easy enough to duplicate any time. Start with your favorite cake recips then spice it up using food coloring with coordinating team colors. The best part is - it works for any sport, any season!

- I've been to a few parties that had a specialty drink of the evening- our wedding included :) This recipe for sweet tea has a secret ingredient that I can't wait to try. I don't drink soda so this is right up my alley, however something tells me that the guys are going to be going for something a little stronger.

So now... I'm going to go put together my grocery list and here's to hoping that I can get it done!

Do you attend any Superbowl parties? Are you looking forward to Beyonce's performance or are you wishing she would disappear right about now? If you have any party recipes please share!

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