Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Due Date, Baby!

Dear Pumpkin,

I can't believe how close I am to seeing you face-to-face! This has been a wonderful 40 weeks carrying you around, supporting you, and loving you. But what can I say- you made it easy for me! There were only a few bouts of heartburn and uncomfortable, restless nights (especially as of late) but I will always treasure the moments that only you and I were able to share.  Sometimes I worry if I will 'get it right' with you but I'm sure every first time mom has had her doubts. You are coming into a world full of people who love you and care for you so I'm sure I will have plenty of help. But forgive us if we make any mistakes- you're our first.

So far, we have everything ready for you- just waiting for you to get here. There are plenty of clothes, diapers, toys, blankets, and I even have a can of formula waiting just in case we have a hard time getting this nursing thing down. Your dad still has a few pieces of furniture to put together for your room- but that's no biggie because you're gonna be right by myside for a while and it will be some time before your room has to be fully put together.

Your dad and I are working hard to provide a wonderful furture for you and we have so many big plans for us- I'm looking forward to each and every moment as our family grows. Speaking of your dad- he's going crazy out here. He can't wait to hold you and kiss you and cuddle you. I think we are going to have a hard time deciding who gets to hold you at times, lol! You are going to be spoiled rotten I'm sure. G-Pa, Big Momma, and Uncle are over the moon! I think they all might even move into our house, lol! Your Grandma M and Auntie already have plans made to come and visit. They live out of state- but it's not too far away- so they won't have any problems coming to visit. Not to mention all of your great Aunts, cousins, second, cousins, etc. Don't worry I'll help you remember who all these people are.

I already have your outfits picked out for your newborn pictures and something for each of your first 3 holidays (I'll have to get outfits for your other first hoildays later when you get a little bigger). I know you won't remember any of this so I hope you like to smile for the camera. Your Uncle is a photographer so I'm wondering who is going to get tired of me first- him or you.

Sweet Potato, there are no words to express what how much we love you and look forward to your arrival. You just wait and see...


  1. Beautiful letter. I hope you get to see your baby rela soon. I am so happy for you and hubby :)

    a big hug.

  2. real touching as I watch you and Chris love and grow as a couple I know my grandson (posted after baby was born)will get all of the love and guidance he needs to grow into a fine young man don't worry about the mistakes just be able to admit to them and learn from them keep god in your life and your family will reap so many rewards in the future

    g pa


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