Friday, December 30, 2011

Blog Jacked

By my baby boy and his daddy :)

I've gotten a few questions about the author of my Christmas letter.  Well my incredibly poetic husband help my incredibly handsome little boy compose a letter to his mommy. It was the best Christmas present ever!!! I'm not surprised that the hubby was able to translate baby because that's his best buddy.

Sorry that the watermark is dead center of the pic. But this is during a naptime

playing air guitar to Bon Jovi... while napping

watching TV... while playing words with friends

Yep, these two are best buddies... and I thank them both for my Christmas letter :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Christmas Letter to Mommy!

Dear Mommy,

So I know I don’t understand the full concept of this Christmas thing yet, and of course I had to dictate everything in this letter for Daddy to type because my hand control is, well, let just call it ‘entertaining” at best, I have learned enough about today to know that I wanted to make sure to say a few things to you in this letter before the day is over.  It was kind of hard explaining everything to Daddy since he doesn’t always understand my oooo oo aaa oo aaaaaaaa grrrrr language.  It’s ok, I continue to work on him.  I’m gonna train him to be just the way I need him!  But anyway…back to my letter to you.

I have learned enough about today to know two things:

#1 Today is  a very special day for several reasons, and we celebrate it every year! (can’t wait till next year!)
#2 It’s nice to do things for people in order to let them know you care about them and love them!

So, with #2 (not poopie #2) in full effect, and since I’m a little financially challenged (Dad wouldn’t let me have open access to the charge cards just yet) I decided this letter would be a good way to tell you some important things.

Most important, I love you very much!  You make me smile every morning when I wake up and see you there with me.  Don’t let anyone tell you that these smiles are gas!  These are genuine smiles dang gummit! Wait! Who said gum it? I love gumming my fingers….mmmm….my fingers…oh sorry, I lost my focus for a second!  Back to my thoughts…

For 40 weeks and 1 day you carried me around everywhere you went.  And I know, it’s a bit challenging that I still want you to carry me around everywhere you go, but hey…I’m a little attached!  It’s all out of love, I promise.  I have been listening to your voice and your heart beat since I was a little poppy seed, and they are the sweetest sounds I have ever heard.  Your voice makes me smile, you heart beat comforts me in my sleep.  And let me tell you, lady…you make a mean bottle!  I’m excited about cereal soon though! It’s hard to fill up this belly on a completely liquid diet!

When Daddy explained to me that I needed to help him pick out a Christmas present for you, I was like “ummm, grrr, ooooo, ahhhhh, ooohhhh ohh oh (burp).”  So then he gave me a few options and I smiled at “CJ charm bracelet.”  So he got some brochures from the jeweler and I helped him pick out a few pieces that represent me mostly (I mean it is called the CJ Charm Bracelet for a reason) and some that represent you, the most important women in my life!  First, it was easy to choose the sapphire charm…who loves September babies??? Me and you do! LOL.  Second, we settled on the baby boy charm.  That rational is obvious…I will spare the details.  Third, I picked out a guardian angel for you since I want you to be watched over, protected, and blessed for your whole life.  Fourth I helped Daddy pick out the dance shoes…since it was dance class that you and I jumped around in for months and then I got to co-star in the dance revue in June.  So while no one actually saw my face, I was definitely visible from the back row! (What, I’m chubby…sue me lol).  And last, we picked out the Mom charm with the trinity on it.  We did that for two reasons.  The first was that you are a new mom…and despite all the challenges associated with  that (and a few more challenges that come from simply being my Mom), you have been fantastic at it and Daddy and I both appreciate you more than ever.  We love being ‘your guys.”  The second reason we chose that charm was because it also had a trinity on it and this being Christmas, we figured that was appropriate.  I know that today has something to do with some baby, and his parents, and him being born in a barn and doing great things with his life.  Dad said he would help teach that to me later when I can read.  Is it a Doctor Seuss book?  Because I LOVE One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish!

So know that you got the charm bracelet, I hope you enjoy it and get the meaning of all the little charms.  There’s plenty of room left and Daddy told me that I can pick out charms for Mother’s Day every year!  I told him to get that Amex ready! Cha-Ching on the Bling Mom!

So in closing, I know its not the easiest job in the world, and the thank you’s are few and far between (until I can actually talk) but I thank you for being the greatest Mom I could have asked for.   Daddy told me that you used to get worried about being a good mom because you didn’t think you had it in you.  Well he told me that you have definitely become super mom and taken on new strengths that are simply amazing.  He even told me that he never would’ve have thought that you would have been the patient parent more than him! You should be proud of that…because we both know Dad never admits to losing a contest! LOL!  So again, I know I’m challenging…and I know it’s pretty annoying when I play nice for others so they think you lie about how tough it is to be with me all day every day! But hey…I’m so dog gone cute that no one can be frustrated with me for long lol! And yes, I apologize for all the fits I throw in the car. Let’s not talk about that any further.  One day we can all look back on those challenging moments and laugh.  If not, just remember, I’m cute J wink.

So, to put it simply, thank you…and I love you.  You are the best! And Merry Christmas Mommy!

Love CJ

And PS: to all my Mommy’s blog readers out there with little girls at home, tell them I said “heeeey laaaadieeees…you know CJ loooves the ladies.” wink.

Merry Christmas!!!

From our house to yours!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas Tradition

This is another funny tradition started by my hubby a few years back. Are you familiar with Elf Yourself? If not get on over there and get acquainted- it'll be the funniest 20 minutes you've ever spent trying to entertain yourself. My husband has been 'Elfing' people for probably about 4 years now. I clearly remember when he first did it- my entire family called each other and spent a good half hour on the phone cracking up. I wish I could share that first one with you but I never actually saved it to my computer and the web link must have expired but for your viewing pleasure- here is this year's Elf... I hope this serves to brighten your day and you hop on board the Elf train!

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What's Christmas to you?

I know I've been MIA for awhile. Things have been 'getting' to me.

Last year this time (within a week) my dad was robbed at gun point and my brother was in a car accident. I thank God every day that they are both here to tell their stories. Neither my dad nor my brother was physically injured but it was scary as all get out. It makes me even more grateful to have my family during the holidays. My mom lost her own dad a mere 4 days before Christmas in 2005 and needless to say she didn't feel much like celebrating. This makes me know that God never gives you more than you can handle...

Every year I plan my Christmas gifts with intent. Gift giving is a big deal for me. I am so grateful to have some of the best people in the world in my life and I feel like giving a good gift is the least I can do plus it shows my deepest gratitude and appreciation. Well, things don't always work out that way. The other day hubby was having a conversation with our son about what he likes about the holidays: 'getting together with family, Christmas songs, good food, etc.' But he made it a point to tell him that he isn't so thrilled about gift giving. He said people get too caught up in buying/giving/getting gifts. Surprisingly I agree. I feel so stressed out when I can't find the perfect gift... heck I even started a blog series about gifts - I can't believe how jaded I've been.

I'm sure you've must have gathered by now that I'm a Christian. I go to church every Sunday (only missing if I'm sick or not in town...or just had a baby), I'm involved in church functions, a member of the Usher board, I'm an ordained Elder currently serving until Jan 2012, I was in the choir in high school, and I used to be the youth group leader. So yeah Church is a huge part of my life. Even when I held jobs in retail and the medical field I made it to church (and that's a big feat considering both industries are open on Sunday's). So how have I allowed myself to get side tracked by the real reason for the season??

Quite honestly I have always been slightly annoyed with the fact that only Christian holidays have become commercialized and totally taken out of context. When was the last time your favorite store had a Hanukkah sale? How about a 24-hour Ramadan blow-out? Yea- quite frankly this is rude. And you know what else gets to me "X-mas". Really replacing 'Christ' with an 'X' *rolls eyes*. And the doggone Santa Claus debate. Right now in the parenting inter-webs there is a huge debate on whether or not their children's Christmas gifts will be from Santa or Mom and Dad "because we worked so hard to buy these gifts". People are going as far as choosing what should be from Santa because they don't want mom and dad to seem cheap and 'Why should Santa get all the credit'. Don't get me wrong I'm not judging you if this is a serious issue in your household but it makes me wonder if people even know why we exchange gifts on Christmas day. Let me guess... Saint Nicholas... *sigh*

In actuality I plan on teaching my little guy about it all. The birth of Christ, Saint Nicholas, and the commercialized version of Christmas. In fact in Higher Ed (on some campuses) there is a saying

"Happy ChristmaHanukkwanzaakus"

That makes me giggle a little every time I say it. Diversity is important to us so my little guy will have a diverse knowledge of "The Holidays". And speaking of giggling... why is Best Buy picking on Santa so much?!

Whew! Glad I have a few of 'things' off my chest.

Friday, December 9, 2011

It's makeover time!!!!

I've been jonesing for a blog holiday makeover. I actually like to switch it up every now and again. So... what do you think???

I did it myself so it's okay if you say it looks horrible. I know a few elements don't match but I'm teaching myself HTML code and I have to take it one step at a time.

So let's talk about some updates. FMTM (from mrs to mom- cause I needed to clarify that) is now social networking!!! What's a blog without social networking and an Etsy shop? Nope don't worry I'm not selling any handmade crafts cause...well... you don't want to see how that would turn out. But go on, don't be afraid- you can email me, like me, follow me, and pin my stuff. Check out my new contact me page. And then really... email me, like me, follow me, and pin my stuff... pretty please??

No, really I need at least 25 likes on facebook to get a vanity url. What's that? It would be yea that instead of a bunch of random numbers. If you follow me on twitter- I will follow back but I'm still learning how to navigate the twitter thing and I'm sure most of  my tweets don't make sense. But I'm obsessed with #hashtags and will #hashtag just about anything. I'm not on pinterest that often cause I don't have time to peruse all the great things out there cause I got a baby that needs feeding and changing. But I'm sure once I'm back at work that will change (shhhh... don't tell them).

Oh! and I'm doing the instagram thing too but I haven't got the patience to be posting pictures all day long so I'll just look at yours. Search for FromMrstoMom until I figure out how to link my profile in this blog.

I added my social networking profile to the right ------> in Christmas Ornaments! How cute!!!

It took me days to figure out how to change my background paper and jazz up those stupid ornaments. I cant imagine how much more time I need to add candy canes, boughs of holly and all that jazz- but still I can't believe how far I've come in self-taught HTML.

I'm sorry that's it for now. I was so proud of myself I had to do a whole post to unveil it and now as I'm writing it I feel like it's kind of a let down. Oh well at least this little guy showed up to help put the star on top of the tree...

... I love this kid!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday

I'm on the hunt for baby boy's first Christmas ornament.

In the past couple years I've really become interested in Christmas tree ornaments. Growing up, my mom used to decorate the tree in 'color' themes. I remember one year she did an amazing all red Christmas tree that included red and gold ornaments, candy canes, little red bows, and the tree topper was a beautiful burgundy bow. I hope I can find a picture of this to show you. While my mom's Christmas trees were very pretty- we never really used specialty ornaments. I'm not sure why- we just didn't.

While in undergrad I worked for Victoria's Secret. One year the holiday display included a HUGE Christmas tree that was filled with VS ornaments. When it was time to take the display down my manager told use the ornaments were going to go in the garbage (I think that's right- unless they sent them back to the branding department). So each of the ladies who closed the store grabbed an ornament and there began my obsession. In hindsight I wish I would have grabbed at least two. You see I was still living with my parents back then and my mom refuses to relinquish the VS ornament to me. I'm not mad about it at all as that was a part of my life when their house was my house so I think it's rightful place is with my parents tree. But it's so pretty I want one for my tree! Since then I have been trying to collect ornaments that reflect some of the important things that make me who I am. Now, I don't go over board and collect an ornament from every place I've travel, every store I shop, etc. That's what magnets are for.

One of my favorite ornaments is an two-parter (if that makes sense). The ornament is basically a pair of mittens that says 'friends' on one side and 'forever' on the other. I have one mitten and my bestie has the other... so sweet! I also have ornaments for the year hubby and I got married ('Our first Christmas'), the place where hubby and I work ( I've been there almost 4 years and he's been there almost 6), and a coca-cola ornament I won as a free gift from the Coca-Cola factory.

So now that you know the FULL back story of my recent obsession with ornaments- you'll understand why baby boy's first ornament is so important.

 I want something classic, timeless, personalized, and not cheesy.

Not Cool (I apologize if you have this ornament)

I'm leaning towards something more like

photo credit

It's clean, modern, timeless, and sleek. I also like this

photo credit

but I think this signifies more of a baby born during the Christmas season- but I still like it.

So, what do you think? Which ornament would you order? Or do you have an even better ornament suggestion. Feel free to leave any links in the comments!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend wrap-up

I haven't wrapped up a weekend on my blog since I was pregnant!

This weekend we took baby boy on his first road trip! I was actually a little nervous about traveling with a 12 week old (OMGosh he's 12 weeks now?!) especially because I've never travelled with a baby before and I was afraid of forgetting something important.

There were two wrenches thrown in the plan before we even left! First, we learned that we wouldn't be staying in a house but rather a hotel, second we had no heat Thursday night. Aye yai yai!

This trip was planned for pleasure. Hubby's alter ego had an event this weekend in Massachusetts. So, since I'm on maternity leave we decided to make this trip Baby Boy's second time leaving the state....ROADTRIP!!!! So we packed up the new mom wagon and headed out. My plan was to spend all day Thursday packing and getting prepared to leave. Whenever I leave my house for more than one night, I like to leave it nice, clean, and spotless so that when I return I can focus on unpacking rather than unpacking AND cleaning. Well much to my dismay we ran out of oil :(  Yep, I leave in a house that still has oil heat... yes I know that's really old school... no we are not upgrading the heating system anytime soon. So my plan for all day prep went right out the window as we bunked with my parents on Thursday- I couldn't have my little guy freezing his tookus off!

So Friday morning I was in a frenzy. I had made a packing list ahead of time so that helped but I hate being rushed because I always forget something. Let me tell you- packing  a baby is no easy feat. I ended using a miniature suitcase for all his clothes, blankets, bibs, and burp cloths; one of his diaper bags for all of his bottles, water, and formula; another diaper bag for diapers and wipes, and yet another diaper bag to stay in the front of the car with us on the road. I know anyone else who received three diaper bags would have returned at least one- but I didn't. I knew they would come in handy at some point and I like the fact of being able to switch up diaper bags every so often. It prevents the diaper bag from becoming too worn and there is a lot less wear and tear on them- hence lasting longer! All those bags plus a pack and play for him to sleep in was a little overwhelming. I had spent so much time packing him that I barely was able to get my stuff together. Men don't require much so he put some drawers and a toothbrush in a bag and asked me was I ready. Oy vey! I ended up using an unnecessarily big suitcase for a two night trip because a) we never thought about the baby needing a suitcase and b) the baby was using my 'weekender' bag.

*Note to self: get baby boy a suitcase of his own before our next trip*

Baby boy slept the whole 4 hour drive! Well almost. 30 minutes before we arrived at the hotel he did wig out cause he was hungry so hubby pulled over, I hoped in the back seat and fed him. After that he immediately feel back asleep. I wish I had taken some pictures of this part of our trip but of course I didn't.

We got to the hotel, checked in and decided to explore downtown. We were in Amherst Mass. and while hubby had been there before he never got to hit the town. Insert reason why I hate being rushed here ---->

I left his winter coat romper thingy. Shoot!  I remember having it in my hands so why wasn't it in the suitcase? It was about 39o out and I didn't have his winter coat. So I had to wrap him in a bunch of blankets in order to make it work. *another note to self: never ever ever plan on packing the day before- Murphy's law* Despite this little snafoo we actually had a good time in downtown Amherst, Mass. That night the college band was playing in the center of town and Santa Claus drove in on the fire truck! It was pretty cool and they band was actually pretty good. It also seemed as if they had a lot of support because the street (though small) was packed!

I spotted a shop called... actually I have no idea what it was called but it was a creperie. I've only had crepes twice in my life. First was when hubby (back then he was my boyfriend) and I was in Paris and the last time I had a crepe was on our first anniversary cruise- so I needed to go in and have a crepe. Again, I failed to take pictures of the place (that definitely would have helped me remember the name) or any of the cure little details about the shop (it was Paris themed... of course!) but in a stroke of genius I actually got a picture of the crepe!

Mine was bananas with caramel sauce and whipped cream topped with nuts

I can't recalled what hubby had but it came with two scoops of gingerbread gelato... yum! O and you see that nifty little Nikon next to his plate? Yea, we'll talk!

The crepes were tasty and nostalgic. But our little guy wanted to keep moving- luckily he let us finish first. After perusing the streets for a little while longer we headed back to the hotel. While hubby got ready for a panel discussion I attempted to put baby to sleep. Boy was this extremely difficult. I'm not sure if he knew he was in unfamiliar surroundings but he would not go to sleep an stay sleep. It really did take what seemed like forever to get him to go to sleep. Then when I would put him down, he would wake up after 10 minutes. The night before I had done all of his middle of the night feedings so I was exhausted and really couldn't play up and down with baby all night so after getting him down for the umpteenth time, I layed him on my chest and we slept together. I really wanted to stop doing that because I go back to work next month.... (crap!) but I was desperate for some sleep. I heard hubby come in the hotel room but I could barely open my eyes. Once he put the pack and play together he took the baby off my chest and layed him down. At that point I did get up to put on my PJ's and talk to hubby for a bit but we both quickly fell asleep.

The next day was more sightseeing and hanging out before hubby's show. I actually had to run to Target to get some soap and a bottle brush to wash his bottles with (see I hate being rushed!) and I came back with a small little haul for baby boy.

We attempted to have lunch at a Chinese food restaurant and all went well expect two things. 1. They didn't have a changing station in the bathroom ::FACEPALM:: so I ended up changing him on a chair outside of the restaurants banquet room hallway and 2. All h*ll broke loose in the parking lot as we were leaving. Let's just say hysterically crying baby + vomiting mommy = embarrassed dad.

We headed back to the hotel for a nap before hubby's show. At the show my little guy behaved pretty well. I was scared that he would be terribly disruptive (actually just a normal 2 month old) and we would miss the whole thing. He was sleeping when the show first started and the first round of applause's scared the stew out of him and he immediately began to holla! But that was no biggie because we made friends with another mommy and her cute as can be 7 month old baby girl. We ended up chatting it up through the entire show! Baby boy did watch his dad perform and I think he kind of liked it :)

The rest of our stay went pretty smoothly and I'm kind of sad that we're back home so soon. Once we got back we put up baby boy's first Christmas tree (post to come) and after that hubby was off to another performance (in-state this time...such a hard worker!)

I'd say our first road trip was a success, which is great because we have another coming up at the end of the month...

Friday, December 2, 2011

Transitioning Tales

I don't like this... not one bit.

But I guess it has to be done.

You see I'm a first time mom (FTM). And first time moms- well at least this first time mom- are extra doty (if that's a word) on their first borns. This is not to say that subsequent children won't be subjected to millions of kisses daily, or extreme cuddle time 25/7 but I've never had anything this cute and squishy to hold that was mine! And I cherish every.single.moment. Yea, the hubby helped so I guess I have to share but you get my point. In case you don't my point is I love having my baby boy with me 24/7!

So I'm a little saddened by this:

Yea that's right my little guy is transitioning to his crib... insert sad face here.

okay, I'm the one with the sad face... but isn't his cute?? I hope he doesn't start to realize that I'll give in to that face...

I know a lot of mommies, including FTM's start their babies sleeping in their own rooms from the night they bring baby home. But that isn't the case with me. I feel strongly about rooming-in, I don't care how much preparation went into their nurseries- they will get plenty of sleep in there, just not right away. I also breastfed baby and it was much easier for me to reach over and get my baby than get out of bed and walk down the hall. Plus I read an article that said the more upset a baby gets during the night, the longer it could take to put them back down. Meaning if they have to cry real loud to get your attention (from being in the room down the hall) or even get worked up to a cry by time you get there- then it will take a little longer for them to calm back down once their needs are met.

However, this wonderful closeness to mommie can't last forever- but I didn't think it would come so quick. I started to put baby boy in his crib for daytime naps to no avail. He would wake up as he felt himself being lowered into the crib. Then at the point when I could lower him without waking him- his eyes would fly right open as soon as his little hiney touched the crib mattress. *Sigh* I mean in all reality I didn't care much at first. But then I realized that one day he will out grow the bassinet and then what?

Someone suggested that the crib environment is very different from the bassinet environment. The bassinet is way cozier and softer than the crib. So, I put down a few cozy blankets and tried to make him feel as though he was surrounded in the same manner as the bassinet. Yes, I know "O! the horror!" There isn't supposed to be anything in the crib, and babies canNOT sleep on their tummies. While their reports are well meaning these people* have never tried to put my son to sleep in his crib. So I made it as comfortable as possible for him and with some patience he took a nap in his crib!

He hasn't done it since that one successful time earlier this week but I'll keep at it. And in the meantime, I'll enjoy waking up in the middle of the night, sitting up, and seeing my little sweetness sound asleep- right next to mommie.

* Please note- I am in no way intending to undermine the recommendations of the AAP or the families who have lost their beloved babies to suffocation, entrapment, strangulation, or SIDS. I take the recommendations and experiences of others very seriously and intend to protect the welfare of my child. I monitor him during these naps to make sure we aren't victims of very unfortunate circumstances.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday

Let me start by introducing the series. Since it is officially the Christmas season I am dedicating a few posts to the holiday. A series of which will be wishlist wednesday. Don't get me wrong - I already have the greatest gift anyone could ask for and I am so excited for his first Christmas.

A total of 14 (now 15 {with my son} and sometimes 16) of my family members normally get together for the holidays. We eat, we laugh, we reminisce, and we play games. In the past we would all exchange gifts with each other on Christmas. However, a few years ago my family decided that we would no longer buy gifts for everyONE. Not only was this an economical decision but it was becoming increasingly hard to buy original gifts for everyone. So on thanksgiving we put all of our names on the Turkey platter and then draw. Somehow a hat eluded us and this was after we ate and cleaned it. We set a budget of $60 and give our top 3 wishes.

I have found that over the years we have gotten creative and some people will buy gifts for everyone! I don't know why but putting a limit on everyone has forced us to get creative and thrifty. For example, my unmarried Aunt always talks about how she wants a man- so the year my mom pulled her name she went the toy store and got her a GI Joe figurine... and there you have it folks- she got a man! It was absolutely hilarious! My mom also got her a 'real' gift in addition to that but we all wait in anticipation on see who it going to be the most clever.

This year I want a new camera.

I know this is way (waaay) over budget but a girl can dream... can't she? I mean I have a pretty good point and shoot camera and don't really NEED much more. But I also feel like I want to take the best pictures possible of this little guy: I kind of want aDo-SLR. I feel like I could take better quality pictures with this type of camera. I could be wrong, but I'd like to try.

With that I also want to learn how to edit pictures beyond the basics. I have already learned a few good tips and free editing websites from some other bloggers but I'd like to take my editing to a whole 'nother level. In fact, for the new year (and for my son) I would like to do the 365 day photo challenge. I've seen quite a few other bloggers do this and with some awesome variations ( see this mom's 365 love letters to her daughter). I would have to do my own variation of this and probably 52 love letters. You all know I don't like setting myself up for disappointment and surely if I try to take a picture once a day- I would. So I could do once a week and then put them into a book for him. I like the love letters take on it because it makes the pictures that much more meaningful.

But instead I'll compromise with a tri-pod. I think this would help with some of my picture taking endeavors and costs a boatload less than the former.

So whoever has my name... hint, hint!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas has come early!

I love getting new things. Especially when it 'works' for me. A few months ago, hubby decided to surprise me with an awesome gift. Well it finally came to fruition last week. And I LOVE it!

This actually wasn't an easy decision- I am very indecisive when it comes to large purchases. But in the end it worked for us financially so I am okay with that. It has bluetooth so I make and receive calls without taking my hands off the steering wheel. It has iPod integration so my favorite tunes are at my fingertips, plus it has a ton of other cool features but the one I like the most:

I get to stare at my little guy at traffic lights :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

How did it go?

Baby boy's well visit went pretty...well. I was super nervous because he was going to get his first round of shots today. I was also anxious to see how much he's grown. So here it is:

Yep! My little bit is 13 pounds and not happy about it! Whoa! He's growing like a weed! He is in the 75th percentile for weight. At 23 inches long he is in the 50th percentile for length, and his big old dome is 17 inches... the doctor said that's "the top of the curve"...

When it was time for his shot his daddy held his hand. So sweet.  But that didn't stop him from lighting up the doctor's office. I must admit- I didn't look when she did it. I felt so bad for him. Normally he is not like this at the doctor. But I'm normally not an angel after getting a needle either- so I can't blame him. I just couldn't wait to scoop him up in my arms and take the pain away.

After some mommy and daddy cuddles and a little snack:

He's all better :)

I don't think any of us are looking forward to the next well visit.

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