Saturday, April 30, 2011

Finishing up: Days 26 - 30

Your week in great detail

It's very boring. So let me tell you about my Easter Weekend instead.

It all started Wednesday afternoon...yes!!! At my office, we gave one of my co-workers her farewell send off. I find these things very exciting because that means someone in moving on to possibly do bigger and maybe even better things. Although she isn't going to be employed right away due to her husband's job transfer-they were leaving for a cruise that weekend and we all know how I feel about vacations! Wednesday evening was spent hugging the couch... which has become one of my favorite past times.

Thursday was spent doing absolutely nothing. Well almost nothing. I did do some household cleaning and Easter prep- my favorite part was catching up on TV shows, ate way too much junk food, and spent some time with the hubby. Thursday evening I went to Church for our annual Maudy Thursday service. This year we did a Tenebrae service which is done in the dark to represent the solemness of the upcoming events.

Friday morning bright and early I had my monthly OB appointment. Before my appointment we stopped at McDonald's for breakfast- I have a ton of McDonald's coupons and who can resist hot cakes for only a dollar!!! The cashier noticed my bump right away and deemed I was having a boy because I was "carrying low" and insisted that I call her once I have the baby to let her know if she was right. This may have been my first pregnancy comment from a complete stranger! Sure people who "know me" have noticed my bump as recently as the beginning of April but I am finally showing enough so that I look pregnant and not chubby to someone who doesn't normally know my frame.

Everything checked out OK at the doctor (well sort of) but more about that later. After leaving the doctor, Hubby and I went to BuyBuyBaby to survey strollers, car seats, and cribs. It seemed as though he was actually into it and not only did he have an opinion about baby products but he also picked out a daddy diaper bag! The cutest part was while he was sifting through thousands of bags, a little 18 month old baby girl thought he was amusing and started laughing at him. He had apparently opened a bag and dropped everything out of it and she clearly though he is getting way in over his head!

Friday afternoon was spent back at church for our annual Fish Fry. I am not Catholic- but we still spend a lot of time at church during holy week. In fact, We had a Wednesday night Lenten Service but it sort of slipped my mind because a four-day weekend was taking up space there. After we ate and socialized (or fellowshipped as the church folks would say) I think we went home. Late that evening, I was complaining of not doing anything so I texted my parents to see what they were doing and lo' and behold they went out to eat. So I made a plea of bored desperation and they bought us dessert over! Gotta love the 'rents!

Saturday was spent cleaning the house... thoroughly. I mean top to bottom, floor to ceiling, inside and out. My hubby even painted the front hallway. The 'rents stopped by (again) to help out a little but couldn't stay long because they had Easter dinner cooking to do. They of course didn't come over empty handed they bought us lunch and my brother came to help too! However to top off the day, my husband's car broke down on the way to pick up his dry cleaning :( So now we are down to one car this week.

Sunday must've been one of the best days of the whole weekend. It was so gorgeous outside! and boy was I glad because my Easter dress didn't have sleeves. During service my parents announced my brother's graduation! I always feel like a proud parent whenever he has some big accomplishment. I CAN.NOT.WAIT until his graduation day! 17 more days left!!! I took the day off work and everything :) I am having a hard time finding a foam finger though, but my husband has an air horn so that makes up for it! Sunday dinner was hosted by my husband and I this year!!! This is really big and I'll tell you why. My dad has 2 sisters and between the two of them they have two kids (well they are grown but you get my point). My mom has one sister and she has two kids of her own. So that's a minimum of 12 people who comes together once a month and have dinner of some sort. This has been very important to us since my grandparents died. My mom's parents died in October then December of 2005 (to this day I think my grandpa simply missed his wife and needed to be with her). My dad's mom died in August of 2006 and his dad died in May of 2001. For 17 years of my life both sets of my grandparents have been very active in my life and we get together to be together every month to show them we will remain together. So yeah- I was happy to host a family dinner on Resurrection Sunday. We had a good time as usual... way too much food and even more laughs. We had so much fun that my brother and cousin's didn't leave until 2 am. I was in bed (of course) so I was having fun with them in spirit.

The salad bar in my dining room... ignore the cake carrier ( i didn't have a separate table for desserts)

Your worst habit

Overall- not having enough confidence in myself. Just early I stood at my boss' office door then talked myself out of walking in and talking about a promotion. My husband tires until he is blue in the face but somehow I am so good at doubting myself and can talk myself out of doing something I think I could sell salt to a slug.

Right now- picking my nose. Yes, I know it's gross but pregnancy boogers are nothing to play with. Don't worry, I wash my hands after every pick and keep tons of tissue with me.

Well, that was awkward...
What's in my handbag/purse

Seeing as how I carry this huge laptop bag as my regular purse...everything except the kitchen sink! As look in my duffel right now, there's hand sanitizer (booger picking warning), Vaseline (I have really dry lips right now too), a few pens, and McDonald's coupon's ( I will be getting a quarter pound after work, lol!). There's also a Victoria's Secret coupon, Macy's gift card, and a small clutch that contains a mirror, lip gloss, a tide-to-go pen, store rewards cards, and eye drops... and that just one compartment. In the middle compartment is where I keep my laptop (that's currently on my desk) but right it's holding papers to start a baby registry, my church newsletter, my pay check (I'm switching direct deposit accounts), and hospital childbirth and parenting education class registration forms (must fax those in!). In the last compartment is my wallet, water bottle, keys to million different things, an empty container left over from lunch, and my brand spanking new baby bargains book.

Hopes, Dreams, and Plans for the next 365 days

Wow, this could take a while. I think my main goals include moving into a more suitable place for our new family, getting baby here safely and focusing on juggling wifehood and motherhood. I worry that I won't get it right. Even with the support of friends and family- it's still worrisome. How am I going to juggle being a wife, mother, daughter, sister, Elder, AND employee?? It gets overwhelming just thinking about it. I know, I know, one day at a time.

A motto or philosophy

I have so many. What I try to refer to the most (I think) is Professional, Poised, and Perfectly put together. As long I can remain those three things in any situation- I tend to be okay. That however does not stop me from freaking out before hand.

Is complete! (and on time)


  1. Whooo Hoooo - complete! So its Saturday night...and it was gorgeous here in TN. Lots of social events going on and somehow I felt too "tired" to participate in any! Your pregnant, very valid to be this lazy but I have no excuse! lol. So I rented a movie from Amazon (streamed to TV) and decided to read blogs. You DO need to have more confidence!!! I'm going to side with the hubby on that one and start plugging you also!!!

  2. lol! I know what you mean though... pregnant or not. I'm going to work on that confidence but I know it's going to be a journey.


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