Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 6

20 of your Favorite things.

Are you kidding me?? I had trouble remembering what my favorite book/song/movie was and now I have to come up with 20!! Here goes nothing (In no particular order):

20.  My celebrity crush right now is Tamera Mowry. She is pregnant with her first, due in June and looks amazing! Now I get that when she does public appearances she has a glam squad helping her get that way- but I could still only hope to carry that well.
19. Party planning. I almost wanted to make a career out of this but it’s a pretty hard market to get into and would probably take up most of my weekends. I’ve gotten lots of compliments on the past few parties I’ve planned and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The number one secret to throwing a good she-bang: consider your guests and guests of honor at all times.
18. The 30 day challenge does not ask you about your favorite artist so I’m going to give it to you anyway. It’s a close tie between Alicia Keys and Beyonce. So imagine my excitement when they recorded a song together… squee!
17.  Seafood: enough said. I am so glad I am not allergic to shellfish because this might just be the most devastating thing ever. (Of course I wouldn’t know how good it was if I were allergic but that’s not the point). For my birthday, I want a seafood feast (hint, hint) at home where I can eat like no one is looking. Baby will be an outside baby by then and I can bring my mercury levels back up to some unbelievable amount.
16. M&M’s. The real and fake ones. I have a particular affinity to peanut but I can do milk chocolate just the same. I’m not too keen on the others (pretzel, coconut, almonds) but it is what it is. I love the actual M*M characters too. They are hilarious... and they never stop! I found this on the vending machine at work on my way to get some M&M’s hehehe!

This list is getting long so I’m going to keep it short and sweet
15.  Retail Therapy
14. being warm
13. Sleeping late
12.  A comfy bed
11. Proving my point
10. Scrapbooking
9. Hot chocolate w/ whipped cream
8. Pictures
7. Dessert
6. Baking
5. Dancing
4. Holiday’s
3. Family get-togethers
2. Vacations
1. My family. I could be without these folks if I tried.


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