Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 9

A photo that you took

I come from a long line of photographers... well not exactly, not really even. My brother is a photographer, my dad dabbled in photography which is where brother's love comes from and my cousin/godfather is a photographer. So I have a true appreciation for photography. When my brother and dad are having photography conversations, I listen. I myself prefer to be in front of the camera, but I also try my hand behind the camera every once in awhile. I took this photo on a family vacation (yes me and the hubby's family all went on vacation together and it was... great!). I like it because it was a very peaceful moment for all of us and the guys (my brother, husband, and dad) look like they are in deep man conversation.

I'm not going to be photographing fashion week or anything... but I'm proud of my small collection of works :)


  1. I recognize those backs! LOL. It is so nice that your hubby and both families get along like they do, coming from such a close knit family that is SUCH a blessing!


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