Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 14

A non-fictional book

Again with the ambiguity...

Today's book is



I haven't read either book but I enjoyed both movies. I am not really a movie watcher, but I found both of these to be captivating and the actor portrayals were pretty good- even if some of the content was 'made for movies'. I usually watch movies in the comfort of my home where I can pause, use the restroom, re-up on snacks, and I control the noise volume- but I saw 'The Social Network' in theaters and enjoyed it just the same. I know the movie (and the book) was the author's account of what happened (based off third part interviews) but I think his account of Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zukerberg was hilarious (and I definitely wanted him to snag that Oscar)!

I recommend both movies as they both have good story lines and excellent endings and maybe one day (in my retirement years) I'll have the time to read them both.

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