Monday, April 25, 2011

Days 22-25

 So because of the holiday weekend- I totally slacked off on my challenge. I'm proud of my 21 day streak- so at least I know I can commit to something for a minimum of three weeks. So, I'm going to kind of cheat and play catch up... right now.

Day 22:  A website

This is a no-brainer (sadly) but I'm a facebooker. Yes, I stalk friends profiles instead of calling them. Yes I get updates about long lost friends through their statuses and yes, I update a long list of "friends" via pictures and the occasional status update. But mostly I am a facebook gamer- don't judge me.
I've never been a conversationalist so calling you to say "hi! how ya been" is not likely. I do try on occasion to call a friend but unless that friend is a chatterbox- there's going to be dead silence. I don't know why I can't just call someone to tell them about my impending motherhood and and the possible nursery designs I like (well I don't have a nursery theme picked out yet- but that's beside the point. I think over the years I have grown extremely sensitive to other peoples feelings without even knowing what they are feeling. What if she is trying to conceive and can't, what if she just got off the phone with someone else cooing about their baby and is sick of it, so I just keep it to those who ask.

Which brings me to my gaming obsession. I know I sound like a socially awkward 15 year old but I promise you I'm not. I am uncomfortable in a room full of people I don't know - yet in that same room of people if you throw in about 7 people I do know- party on. Which leads me to why I'd rather not go to a nightclub, but instead harvest my crops. I just would. I once almost lost my hearing in college from unknowingly standing next to speaker nearly all night at a club. I once went into a club with a head full of curls and came out with none at a club. I thought I was being followed by a creeper once after leaving a club (2 separate nights, 2 separate clubs- so clearly one night was more traumatic than the other). I'm done with clubs now. I'll go win a "showdown" on one of my facebook gaming apps.

Day 23- A YouTube video

This makes me laugh every time I see it. It was actually one of my brother's class projects and it stars my little cousin. I used to watch it whenever I needed a pick me up but it had fell of my radar until the challenge made it resurface. I'm sure you won't find it cute or funny- unless you know my little cousin or some other little guys like him but here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Day 24: Where I live

Over priced NJ. However I don't get this state. Gas prices are below the national average and I'm pretty sure we are above the national average on car insurance. I hate how New Yorkers refers to it as the "arm-pit" but they flocked over here after the 2001 terror attacks. And I hate how no one recognizes that the Statue of Liberty is in NJ!!!! Well technically speaking Liberty Island is located in New Jersey waters and New York may own Liberty Island itself but that Island is in New Jersey's jurisdiction. I don't know why it bothers me so much- but it does.

If wasn't born and raised here- I probably wouldn't want to take up residence here either because I am pretty sure it's the only state where you have to go right to make a left turn. However, New Jersey is NOT the Real Housewives of NJ, Jerseylicious, or Jersey Shore and I just wanted to make that perfectly clear. Now don't get me wrong I do watch those shows (with the exception of Jersey Shore) but its purely for entertainment purposes- not cultural reference.

Day 25: Your day in great detail

You do not want to know. I'm serious- it's actually quite boring an uneventful but here goes:

My day begins by waking up at the last possible second-sometime later. I jump in the shower and usually run to get get dressed. But not before stopping in the kitchen and sneaking in hugs and kisses from the hubby where he's making me breakfast. Yes, I am very spoiled but blessed that he feels obligated to send me out the house with food :) He watches the news while getting ready for working in between sausage flipping- so I may catch a sneak peak of the weather forecast, then we are off!

Yep, we. We work at the same institution but in totally different departments on nearly opposite sides of the googleplex campus. We don't ride to work together everyday because we are usually off to some separate function after work but we try to aim for once a week minimally. However, I do enjoy the days we do because then I get to sleep in the car (I save breakfast for when I get to work). Okay, I don't really sleep in the car because it's a 3 mile drive but if I could I would.

At work- I try really hard to do work but at some point I get distracted by facebook, emails, and random thoughts of what I would be doing if I were home. After breakfast, I go back to try to doing work. My job isn't that interesting. In fact, if I told you what I did you would undoubtedly hate me by association. I get it- the Financial Aid office gets a bad rap because we don't fund students 100% but I'm cool with that. I do what I can do and that's all we can do. I look forward to lunch. I'm a foodie. The afternoon is filled with more work and even more random thoughts of what I would be doing if I were on vacation. Then the bell rings (well not literally but I hear it in my head) and I'm off to do something else- hopefully go home and watch the days episode of All My Children, usually not.

Hubby goes to the gym so we usually meet up in the evening sometime for more hugs and kisses. We normally don't talk about work at home unless someone has done something absurd. Dinner is usually had by me in front of the TV- but we are enjoying the last bit of this luxury because we do not intend to raise children this way. Hubby also has a slightly infamous alter ego so he may go do a show after work and I patiently wait for his return. We like to go to bed together but in recent months I will knock-put without him because sometimes I just can't help it. Then we wake up and do it all over again until the weekend of course!

Now that I am all caught up I need to save my Easter post for tomorrow.


  1. Bwahahahaha @ Day 22, *silently raises hand to be recognized as the chatterbox friend!* Girl, I'm so glad you told me about this blog! I too FB stalk for updates so that when Mommy askes "how's ____?" I can say, well she just took yet another trip to an exotic place and her hair and body look fabulous! (yes, I've literally given her that update!) LOL.


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