Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Another great weekend, gone too soon :(

Friday night hubby took me to my very first professional baseball game!!! I was so excited (even though I don't think I looked like it when we got there {hubby was insulted}... I was starving!) I've never been to the "old" Yankee stadium, but the new one is so exciting. There are tv's every where so no matter where you are in the stadium- your not missing anything (unless of course you're on the toilet). We sat behind third base although I'm sure no matter where we sat- it would have been good seats to me. We ate before we got into the stadium because as we all know stadium priced food ain't no joke! However we did cave and buy a $5 bottle of water, soda, and hubby had a beer. Although the Yankees lost- I had a blast, even when it started raining...

Saturday I got to sleep in although I definitely shouldn't have. I just realized I failed to mention that last Saturday my hubby's car broke and we were down to one car all week. That was all corrected Saturday afternoon and $1,800 bucks later (sheesh!) Later that night hubby went to hang out with the guys and I hung out with my fam.

Sunday was exciting (although we were embarrassingly late to church) because a few of the youth who was confirmed last month finished up their confirmation by being baptized by immersion. I always find this to be really interesting because that is how the first baptism took place and I find it interesting how they youth respect that and choose to follow.  That afternoon we went to hubby's friends, son's 10 birthday party and had a blast. Of course everyone had to depart all early to get ready for school and work but hubby made up for it when he took me by Dairy Queen on the way home :)

This weekend, I'm looking forward to Mother's Day! We are going to have lunch with hubby's mom (which is always fun) and then dinner with my mom and family. Don't worry mom- I got you a gift!

P.S. I can't believe it's May already! I feel like just the other day- we found out we were expecting and now I'm nearly 5 months! Time is going by way too fast!

P.P.S I added an Easter picture to my Easter post. It's only one because I was so busy hosting I forgot to take pictures!

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