Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mommy Slacker?

So, apparently I'm a slacker.

I would have never pegged myself as a slacker but here's the thing: I'm participating in a onesie exchange with my lovely ladies over at and everyone is excited because we had the draw and now we know who we will be exchanging onsies with. On the exchange website you can ask your person an anonymous question and someone asked me "What is your nursery theme?" my response: "I don't have one". I also don't have a registry started, names set in stone, know where my baby is going when I go back to work, or a birth plan. So, I guess I'm officially a mommy slacker.

I've even lost track of the 30 day challenge...again, and I don't have that much longer to go! My goal is to finish on time so I better get my butt in high gear!

Today I was also supposed to do my weekly update post but you see where this is going.

So slacker I will be. For now. I promise to get it together though- right after I take this nap...

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