Monday, June 6, 2011

Blogger's Block

Once again I feel like I have Blogger's Block. and once again, I have a million posts in my head and no way to convey them.

That is one of the very reasons I started blogging (and trust me there's a lot). I think writing is a lost art form and badly needs to be found. There was a time where stationary sets and fine pens were a must and  thank you card came from the heart. Now in the days of email and text- it's all fallen by the wayside. I have no problem with the evolution of technology, but as a professional I still think it is very important to be able to write well. I can't believe some of the "shorthand" that the younger kids use and it has me wondering what kind of grades they are getting in English. I understand that their young minds are able to switch back and forth between the two and I use text-speak too- but good grief!

It also doesn't help that I don't get much sleep at night. Between allergies, the occasional heartburn, and trying to find a comfortable way to sleep with my baby- nights aren't the most glorious for me. That in turn makes for cloudy brain days. So if over the next couple of days my posts seem scattered- you know why.

I'm also trying to become more baby organized. You know I still don't have a registry! This is kind of shocking for me because I feel like I have been researching baby products for a while now but when it comes to put those things on paper- I forget everything I've come to learn about what baby products would make parenting easier. Couple that with trying to decide if we are going to move or not so I can start designing a nursery and it makes for a very frustrated "Mrs.".


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