Tuesday, June 28, 2011

and baby makes 3!

Awhile back, someone asked me how many children do we plan on having? I answered like I normally do "It depends on how many we can afford!"

My aunt thinks that you can afford any number of children you have- and I agree to a certain extent. I think there are many things we as a society think are a necessity that may actually be a luxury. The need to 'give our children what we didn't have' has grown into a very powerful market.

Here's an example: My husband said if we have 3 kids we would need a 4 bedroom house. My aunt's take on the situation is that same sex children can room together... it's not necessary for them EACH of them to have their own bedroom. And they are both right. My husband's view is that we would like to provide for our children a better life than we had and my aunt views this as a luxury.

I also think there is another side thrown into this situation. I think that the cost of living, inflation, and government regulations have completely skewed America's American dream. For instance, a pair of Chuck Taylor's cost anywhere from $40.00 for the very basic version all the way up to $80.00 for a fancy high top version. My parents got theirs for as low as $6.99 (their oldest sibling) but on average $9.99. Then we have the car seat situation. I remember riding in the back seat of my parents car... just riding. Now the government mandates that my 50 pound child HAS to be in a booster seat of some sort (the state will determine the weight requirement and what type of car seat convertible seat vs. booster seat). This adds extra child rearing costs tat my parents didn't need to take on. I am not disputing safety regulations- just merely pointing out the differences in child rearing costs over a 20 year span.

I will stand by my point that we need to be able to afford each child that I bear- and you can never account for unforeseen circumstances such as children who need (very expensive) medically attention or spontaneous multiples- but I do think that changing my view on what's a necessity and what's a luxury makes a difference.

If money were no object I think I would want about 4 kids- I think. I really don't think I have a magic number to be honest. Like if we never conceive again I will thank God every day for the blessing that he has given us thus far. And if we have 4 more 'oooh that New Year's Eve party was fun!' babies- I will be equally grateful for each one.

Ok, wait.... I'm not taller than him, but I've been "drawing" these people for way too long and this is as good as it gets.

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