Saturday, June 25, 2011

There's an app for that!

I am a sucker for commercials. I could also watch infomercials for hours. I've never actually bought anything but they seem very convincing and the products are often shown in an amazing light...

Don't you just love that song?! It's 'Never Stop' by Chilly Gonzalez... yes I downloaded it...

You're welcome.

I don't have an iPad yet (hint, hint) but I definitely want one. In the meantime I use my iPod touch for everything! music, games, reminders, etc. So what's my point?

I went to the doctor yesterday and I felt really bad: I had done NOTHING I was told to do since my last appointment. I was supposed to:

1. Find a pediatrician (I need one of those to release my baby from the hospital)
2. Take my glucose tolerance test [GTT] (they need to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes)
3. Register at the hospital (so they know I'm going to have a baby there)
4. Register for shower gifts (I guess she wants to make sure we have what we need due to the kindness of family and friends  ¯\_(°_°)_/¯    <----- my brother is an emoticon genius)

It's been two weeks since my last appointment and I had done absolutely nothing. I don't even have a valid excuse! Despite my busy weekend coming up, I am making it a point to have it all done by Friday. My next appointment isn't for another 2 weeks but I refused to be shamed again! While I was in the waiting room I picked up the June 2011 copy of pregnancy and newborn magazine. There were a lot of great articles in there and it kind of made me wish I had a subscription to it all along. One of the snippets was about iPhone apps for moms. They recommended 4- 2 of which I immediately downloaded. I wish I had the iPregnancy app all this time. It has a feature where you track your OB appointments and your stats. This would have been very instrumental in keeping track of this stuff. I'm still learning and exploring the app but so far it's been more helpful than all of the free ones I've downloaded.

Yesterday's stats:
weight gain: +14 pounds total
blood pressure: 120/70
fundal height: 29 cm
baby's heart rate: 145 bpm

I'm right on target for everything! Well except my weight. According to every BMI calculator known to man- I was overweight before I got pregnant therefore I should gain a minimal amount of weight during pregnancy. I didn't consider myself overweight pre-pregnancy and that's mainly because most of my weight comprises of muscle that has developed from 20 years of dancing... muscle is heavier than fat! This also means that if I were to have baby right now I would have to loose more than the 14 pounds that I've gained and this scares me. Because I HATE exercising. I'd rather dance. Prior to getting pregnant I did download the Lose it! app to help with food management and getting additional exercises. I used it for about 2 weeks and that was that. I think the hardest apart about it was logging food. It says it has all the foods and I must admit the list is very extensive (you can even log food by grocery retailer brand) but some foods were just too hard to find and if I didn't have the nutritional contents- forget it.

I'm losing my point again. Well first I wanted to update you all on my doctor's appointment stats mainly because I felt like I kept forgetting my info and two I found an app to help! I'm currently a strawberry (pink blackberry = strawberry) user and I am no longer happy with it. So now my countdown to iPhone 4 begins! I am so excited because I can have all my apps with me and have it connected to the internet at all times. This is going to help me even more because I have an app that helps to records notes you take and now I won't forget to ask the doctor anything else (my current problem is that you need an internet connection to update your notes so this is bothersome at doctor's appointments)!

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