Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This week's obsession

Wonder Bumpers!

Crib bumpers have come under scrutiny. They have come under fire for several reasons. It's been said that they increase the risk of SIDS by blocking a sleeping baby's airflow, they give children a "boost" when trying to climb out of a crib thereby increasing the number of children who fall out of cribs, children can get wedged in between the bumper and another object, the bumper ties can get tangled around baby's necks, the list goes on. Some of these pose the question how? (how does a child get a boost from a piece of fabric... I didn't think it could be sturdy enough). But I'm not taking the chance- I don't want to be an example. So Go Mama Go came up with this alternative. I'm not completely sold on it yet- but I do think it's a good idea. It maintains it's purpose of protecting body parts from harm (head hitting crib rails) while addressing the concerns of normal crib bumpers (there are no ties- it zippers on and off, doesn't block air flow, etc.). Besides the fact that there aren't any that would go with my "design theme" it's very expensive. Our original plan was to use breathable bumpers, but I would consider this as an alternative.

breathable mesh bumper

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