Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This weeks obsession:

Baby legs!

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 I think these are the cutest! They come in different colors and patterns and are quite stylish :) Our little one will be arriving in late summer so we wouldn't need them right away but will definitely be used during the cooler months. If baby is anything like me s/he will not like to wear clothing while at home so once it starts to get cool I think these will help keep baby warm while wearing just a onesie. It also make diaper changing easier and will protect little crawling knees.

I love "unique" products and think this fits the bill- for more reasons than one. They have 'em for all different types of "legs". From newborn to child and some of the cutest designs!

From Lil' Football Fans to Fashionista's-to-be:


And these must haves! I can see little bit going to the mall with his or her Uncle (my brother already made this a must!)  rocking these cute little baby legs in his or her stroller :)

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