Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yet another thought

I am always looking for something to blog about. It should be pretty obvious: post about your journey to motherhood. But it's not always so simple.

While I am thoroughly enjoying my pregnancy- I don't think it should consume me or define my entire existence right now. I do have substance you know... I remember walking into church on Sunday and someone said to me "let me see your nose.. oh yea I can see it, it's spreading". At first I had to give the side eye, then I was self conscience about it all day. Then, I began incessantly bugging my husband and brother about it. Now, I'm like seriously, are we going to typecast me with every pregnancy related symptom and side effect. For the record, my nose is not spreading. It seems almost everyone is doing it too. I was at a cookout over the Memorial Day weekend and someone said to me "I know you're hot!".  My first thought was "yea! I'm pretty smoking right?.. that's how I got in this condition" then I realized she meant feeling hot, so I just answered with "no, I'm good" then she walked away confused and clearly puzzled as to why the pregnant lady wasn't all hot, uncomfortable, and bothered.

So, now I'm making it a point to prove my pregnancy is not like yours! Sure, I truly appreciate every bit of advice given to me about pregnancy, motherhood, and everything in between and beyond but just like every person is different- so is every pregnancy.

My panties aren't all stretched out and I will not be buying maternity undies, I will not eat everything in site when I am not hungry- just because I'm eating for two, and I will not take advantage of my husband just because 'he needs to do something too'. Sure I may eat all of my words post partum (and feel free to kindly point this in the comment section of THAT post) but right now- I am enjoying every moment of it- the sleepless nights, the baby kicking me in my crotch, and the 'gotta have it' food requests. Stop trying to make me feel as thought this is the worst time of my life and it will never be the same. Sure a baby changes everything- but I happen to welcome that change. And FYI cafeteria lady this was the perfect time for me to get pregnant- even if it means I will be HUGE in August- sorry your august pregnancy was so crummy!

Okay, so that was the biggest tangent ever, but clearly that was bugging me enough to elaborate. And, not only did I got off on a rant- I forgot that today I'm 26 weeks! So enough with the nonsense... I have to post updates :)

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