Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Still Sick:(

I’m still home sick confined to these four walls nursing a snotty nose, lots of sneezing, and horrible congestion. I guess life is preparing me for toddlerhood?
In light of my cold, I’ve decided to fill you in on the incident that I first promised to a while ago.
I was 9 weeks pregnant and we had just been to the doctor a week earlier to date the pregnancy. We were still on cloud nine from seeing our gummy bear for the first time. It must have been a Wednesday evening and I was at home bored to death because I hadn’t been to work and was stuck in bed all day. I decided that I would bake some germy cupcakes for my hubby to have when he returned home. I was out of bed and the sneezing would not stop! I don’t know how I planned to bake anything with the cooties spewing from my mouth but I was determined. I reached for the mixer (one of the big kind of heavy ones- a kitchen aid) and sneezed. Now I don’t really like to wear clothes. I mean cloth isn’t really a comfortable material to lounge around in. If I am sick, at home, or going to bed, I wear the least amount of clothing as possible. I felt a gush out of my whoohah. If you  are pregnant, have ever been pregnant, or plan to someday be pregnant you know or will come to know that during this time the most insane amount of stuff leaks out of your whoohah! That combined with not wearing any drawers makes for some uncertain moments. I put the mixer down on the counter and headed towards the bathroom. Before I could take 3 steps there was blood on the kitchen floor.

 I wanted to panic so bad. I mean my pregnancy had just started and it could ending right at that moment! I hadn’t even had the chance to really start being pregnant! Dear Lord, this could not be happening.  It may have been my biggest fear and it was coming true…

I made it to the bathroom and cleaned up. Being careful to not make any sudden movements and I dare not sneeze or cough.  So what do I do now? I spot cleaned the floor. My husband could not walk in and see a murder scene. Okay it wasn’t THAT much blood but enough droplets for me to need to clean it up right away. I grabbed my laptop and cell phone poured a glass of water and went to lay back down. I remember seeing online that you should put your feet up and stay hydrated in these instances.

***Beep, beep, beep*** New text message from Husband.

I read it and it said “Had a great show. On my way home. Do you need me to get you anything.” Yes. I need you to get your arse home right now- I’ve done it, I’ve completely effed up. No I didn’t respond with that, it was more like. “Please come home right away. I’m bleeding”. In hindsight I definitely should not have sent that via text message but who’s thinking clearly right now. While waiting for thebump.com to load, I grabbed my Bible. I have two in my nightstand that stays there no matter what. For some reason whenever I need the Lord I go to bed. I was reading scriptures, praying, and researching all at the same time. Then the phone rang.
Babe, what’s wrong? Are you okay?
I honestly didn’t mean to panic my husband. He had to drive home a nervous wreck. What if that caused him to get in an accident- I would never forgive myself. I explained to him what happened and he told me to call the doctor. Of all the things that I grabbed/needed my doctor wasn’t one of them. I could not tell you why my train of thought did not lead me there but that why my husband is my other half. I called the answering service and she paged my Doctor… one of the two thirds that I absolutely LOVE. I hadn’t met the third doctor in the practice yet so not speaking to her was a plus for me at that time. At some point during the course of all this I got dressed in case I needed to go to the hospital. I remember the doctor calling me back while my husband was standing in front of me. I explained to her what happened and she told me to stay hydrated, lay down, and come in the morning. WHAT?! Alright then- you’re the doctor. For very logical reasons, I wanted to be rushed to the hospital to get an immediate ultrasound and be assured everything was going to be okay. The rest of the night was a blur. No really that was 18 weeks ago and I have no idea how anyone was able to get me to go to sleep. My ‘belly book’ is always written the week ending so of course the outcome was written without documenting the process.
I emailed my job and told them I was going to be in late the next morning. Hell- at the time I thought I may not be in at all. The next morning all I could think of was I hope we don’t have to untell anyone. It would be our immediate family only and I am sure my husband told his bestie at that point but that was for him to deal with-not me. We took a deep breath and walked into the doctor’s office. She saw us right away and did an internal exam. At that point I wasn’t ready to pass out yet. Dr. Google had told me the night before that bleeding is common during pregnancy as long as it isn’t a flow of blood. And it wasn’t. In fact when I had showered that morning there was practically nothing except dried blood. But the storm wasn’t over yet. When she finished the exam she said everything seemed okay. I took a peek at the speculum (yes I am ridiculous) and there was a LOT of dried blood, what the heezy was going on? Then she got the ultrasound machine. She focused on our gummy bear and voila! Heartbeat J She said “I don’t know about you but that makes me feel better” Hell yea, doc!
Then I exhaled.
She printed out 2 more pictures and our little bit had grown some more, sigh. She advised me to take it easy and these things happened but if it does happen again call immediately. I LOVE her. She was very reassuring the whole time and actually succeeded in making me feel calm and comfortable even though I thought my life was going to be over. My husband told her we would be back the next week just to “check on things” and she laughed. She finds him to be hilarious! She said so herself…hmph! She also told us that if either of us felt nervous it was ok to call and say that we wanted to check on the baby and she would gladly see us. See why I love her! I almost took her up on that offer a few times but I decided that there may be a mommy to be who actually needs her and I shouldn’t interfere with that. We went to work on our merry way. I wanted to cry so bad. Only a few hours ago I was so conflicted about how I would handle bad news and now I was overjoyed! We were still in the game. That night I remember my husband talking to the baby telling him or her not scare mommy or play tricks on mommy and daddy because it scares us to death!
Some of the ladies over at thebump.com have experienced this same thing some of their pregnancies progressed- some didn't. One lady was told she had a subchorionic hematoma, another said her placenta separated from her uterus (both are okay, sort of, but neither affects the baby). Who knows what happened to me my doctor didn't order any additional tests (that I know of) and wasn't freaked out by it and everything seems to be progressing okay so I'm okay with that.
We’ve come 18 weeks since that happened and I couldn’t be happier that we still have a healthy growing baby to look forward to in September!

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