Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

So clearly I've been so busy I didn't post these past couple of days. The busiest thing for me right now is work. I'm trying to train my boss (go figure) how to do my work ( a very long story that I will have to save for when the time is right). As well as get a lot of things done before I leave (11 business days and counting) so that I don't have a mess to come back to.

Thursday I was in meetings all day and one of our co-workers going away party (we love having cake and ice cream!) to send her off to her new job. This is precisely why I didn't post my 32 week post until yesterday. I ended up staying at work late to catch up on things I couldn't get to during the normal work day. when i got home that night I was pooped and spent the entire evening on the couch catch up on almost 2 weeks of past due All My Children episodes (I'm going to miss that show when it's gone) so after watching 8 hours of AMC (less commercials) I went to bed. This caused me to be extremely sleepy the next day and did not help my work productivity at all.

Friday of course ended early and for the first time in weeks- I left on time. It wasn't because I was all caught up on work or finished all my duties/answering emails, etc... it's because I needed Rita's in my life asap. So off I went! The rest of Friday is a blur...

Saturday morning I slept late. I wasn't awoken by noisy neighbors, ringing phones or anything! I actually woke up on my own (after a 5 am bathroom run) and it felt soooo good. I wish I could wake up on my own everyday. This is funny because I immediately started cleaning my bedroom. I just needed to get this done- it had been bothering me for a while now. I took every thing I could out of the bedroom and cleaned it from top to bottom. Then hubby came in and moved all the furniture so I could could really get all the cracks and crevices. He started teasing me that I was nesting but I didn't care I needed to get the dust out of every corner of the room. After my big bedroom cleanup we hung out at his friends house for the rest of the evening.

Sunday's church service was a much needed reprieve from the nonsense that is my life. After church hubby and I grabbed snacks and headed over to the second part of our childbirth prep class. We got to tour the hospital and when we stopped at the newborn nursery- I cried. I really cannot believe my baby will be in there in 2 months! My meanie husband walked away from me :/ This whole thing is still so unreal to me- yet amazing at the same time. After class we headed out for a light dinner and a stop at destination maternity. I really feel like I am running out of clothing options now. I have about 6 or so maxi dresses that have been in heavy rotation since June and I want to wear something different now. I picked up another dress but everything is was waaay above my price range. Why on earth is A Pea in the Pod so expensive!!! I want to meet someone who has purchased maternity clothes from there and found out what their justification was for spending $325 on a dress that you are not getting married in?! Then I went to their website. The tag line says where celebrity moms-to-be shop. So then why is it in my neighborhood?? I can't assure you my husband is as close to celebrity my block sees...ever!

Anyway my lack of a shopping haul made me in need of a serious fix. So hubby went out and got the perfect thing:

They were having a sale buy 2 get 1 free! So now I get Rita's every night for dessert :) I also made a promise that in order to have Rita's i have to do some form of exercise. So, I am giving myself a pep talk to go to the gym.

Sunday night I was laying in bed and I look up at the ceiling and horrifically discover that of all the cleaning I did int he bedroom- I didn't do the fan blades... great! This bothered me til I fell asleep and now I'm pissed because once I get up there to clean it small particles of dust are going to land on surfaces like the dresser which I just cleaned! I know this is going to happen anyway but I figured I had until the weekend before any surface dust would be seen!!!! SMH!

So now if I get up and go to the gym now I can be rewarded handsomely tonight with a bowl of a mix of mango, wild black cherry, and coconut water ice :) and all will be right with the world again!

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  1. Love it @ "all will be right again!" lol! Girl, I wish I had your motivation to clean. Mommy will be visiting in a few weeks and I will kick into high gear then...but in the meantime, its a success just to have no dirty dishes in the sink! lol!


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