Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This week's obsession

The past two weeks I have been slacking on with my obessions. First, I didn't post one obsession due to my extended weekend and my obsession last week was totally about being a foodie. So, I going to try to get back on track.
Belly Casts!
Initially, I thought this was a cute but unnecessary idea. Actually I still feel that way. I like it as a reminder of how your belly was during your pregnancy and captures that memory in a way that a 2-D photo cannot. The problem is after you cast your belly then what?? Here are some ideas that I've seen on the interwebs: Hang it in the nursery, flip it over and use it as a chips and dip serving tray, display it at your baby shower.

These are all great ideas (side eye to the chips and dip platter... I don't foresee anyone eating out of my boobs) but I think it will outgrow the 'nursey' by baby's first birthday although it is a really cute idea for the gift table centerpiece at the shower. After that, I have no where to put it. I would like to keep it- but storing it seems like it's going to be a problem. We haven't cleaned out the second bedroom yet and have no idea where we are going to put that stuff.. let alone my baby belly :/

I really like this kit from Maternitique because it is a little on the modest side- kind of like the cast is wearing a shirt. There are some casts where your boobs are really prominent and that just doesn't sit all that well with me. I mean it gets to the point of casting how you look- but not if this is actually going to be seen by other people.

I also can't exactly justify the cost. Especially if I can't keep it forever. So I think this one will just stay an obsession.

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  1. Agreed! I remember seeing Big DeeDee on Half & Half get one, and I totally agree that its really cute "in theory!" lol.


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