Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Yes, my weekend has finally come to a close :( Which is pretty good considering is hump day!


Half-day Friday's at work never get old :)

However Friday morning induced a little panic... we are officially in the single digit weekly countdown (9 weeks and 6 days to go...)

We had lunch at one of hubby's friends house. Then lunch turned into dinner and the entire afternoon was accompanied by laughs. His daughter is getting married this weekend. I'm not going but I love weddings anyway! His wife showed me all of the do-it-yourself projects they are doing and it took me back to my wedding.

Lastly, my hubby is the sweetest man ever! Look what he surprised me with:

Okay, well sort of. He didn't actually bring it home- which I am relieved about because I want to get some more home projects (read: nursery) out of the way before this. There is also a portion of my maternity leave where I will be required to pay into some of my benefits and that added in with the expense of a new baby- I want to wait before we add more bills into the household. The last time he bought a car he waited until I gave the go ahead so he figured he would do the same again this time (thank goodness he did). The dealership was even going to give him a bow to put on it...awwwwww!

Dear Sweetheart,

You are the best husband ever and you are going to be a great dad! I love you and thank you for thinking of "us".




My cousin's baby shower was on Saturday. We had lots of fun and I even won a prize!

I normally wouldn't step foot in a Starbucks- but since someone else is paying... tall vanilla bean frappacino please!

I just checked the website to make sure I had my sizes right (and I didn't) and saw they now have coconut creme frappacino... I'm changing my order :)

She and I took pictures of our bellies but I think she might kill me if I posted a picture of her pregnant. Speaking of which- my other cousin had the first summer baby 2 weeks ago! (I can't remember if I told you or not).

After my cousin's shower we were supposed to be state hopping between 3 states but a last minute change of plans by hubby's best friends left us state hopping only two states.

We still had fun though. I love visiting his friends- they are always good for laughs. We stayed one night at one friends house and another night at a different friends house.

This brings us to...

We headed home to my Aunt's 4th of July cookout. It was originally scheduled for Sunday but it rained so she pushed it back one day. This was perfect for us because we actually got to make it :) I love hanging out with family. My dad's family was always huge (in numbers) and there is something comforting about this to me. My grandma's sister is like 90 something and she was the oldest of 17 (nope she wasn't there- she's not doing well in her old age) but to have my grandma's sisters and brothers there with some of their descendants is always entertaining.

Did I ever tell you about how much I LOVE Rita's coconut ice? Yum!

That night we stayed at my parent's house. Our block usually has a huge fourth of July celebration until the wee hours of the morning and we just weren't up for it this year. So we had a sleep over at my parent's. They love it when all of the children are under their or night.


This is my extended weekend. I did it for memorial day and if I weren't going to be on maternity leave I would do it again for Labor day. It was the smartest thing I could ever think of... extending my already long weekend by another day. *Life's simple pleasures*

Hubby was very patient with me We went wherever I said I wanted to go. This included home depot. We finalized the paint for baby's room and picked up the primer. We also decided that we are going to do a chair rail in the room. I knew you could do almost anything yourself but the amount of "stuff' available to you in these hardware superstores is amazing! I've never really been past the paint aisle. When we got to the lumber section I was floored and inspired! When I own my own home... I'm going to be a stapling gun wielding do-it-yourself fixer upper. Actually, I'll just supervise what hubby does, but it's all the same... isn't it? This is what we picked out...

I know you can't get the full gist of it from this picture, but maybe you can get an idea from my pintrest board. We also went to IKEA- picked up a few things and turned one of the living room walls from


We needed a change of scenery and this was a quick and easy way to do it.

Now that the weekend is over- it's back to the grind at least for another day and a half!

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  1. wow what a productive weekend! You are getting pretty big now, and your hair (of course I noticed, lol) is looking thick and lush! I love the makeover you did on the living looks like a magazine before and after.


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