Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This week's obsession


Okay, I know this isn't exactly a baby product- but I can't get enough of these (and I'm pregnant so there!)! There is this little deli shop steps away from my job that makes the best strawberry banana smoothies. One day I am actually going to ask them what they put in it besides strawberries and bananas. I also enjoy Rita's Misto Shakes (try bahama mama).  I'm trying my best not to have one everyday - so far I've only had one this week- because they are LOADED with sugar and calories which is not good for weight gain and the risk of gestational diabetes. Normally I try to justify it by walking to go get one- which will burn some of the calories I consume.

Lately I feel like I've fallen off the healthy pregnancy wagon so I've been trying to increase my water intake and replace most of the beverages I have with meals with water. I'm not at my goal yet but I am increase my daily intake little by little everyday. So here's to healthy drinking!


  1. I love smoothies and Saturday we went for one, but I normally don't crave for it.

    Water gives life, that's what they say :).


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