Tuesday, July 26, 2011

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Celebrity pregnancies

I know I told you about my celeb pregnancy crush- Tia Mowry Hardrict, who welcomed her baby boy Cree earlier this month- well I'm about to get another. Nia Long is pregnant! I thought she has always been a very talented and gorgeous actress and I like how she is not always all over the news entangled in drama and gossip. When someone asks who would you want to play you in a movie about your life- I've always answered Nia Long (sometimes Sanaa Lathan and maybe possibly Vanessa Simmons but anyway) and now she's expecting like I am! She is absolutely stunning in these pictures... She and Tia and my pregnancy inspirations!

Can I go off on a tangent really quick? Of course I can... I like Nia, Tia, and Sanaa for a baby girl... just saying. But we won't be using any of those because- I have a cousin named Tia, Sanaa is easily mispronounced and while Nia was formerly a front runner- I don't think it's gong to make it.

One of the very things I like about these two actresses (their ability to remain private while still in the spotlight) is the very things that's killing me right now. I wish there were more pictures of them in public and normal (not posed at awards shows) so I can completely copy their style. For now this will have to do:


I'd like to think of this as a more recent phenomenon. I think of it as a way for the hotel and hospitality industry to capitalize on more marketing ploys to generate more revenue- but I like the idea!

It started out as the phrase used to described the period of time that parents spend with their newborn baby but more recently it has evolved into the last trip you take as a family of two before coming a family of 3. Much like your honeymoon is your first trip you take as a husband and wife. I like the idea because well I like vacations and it wouldn't hurt to go away for a weekend or weekend (whatever the budget allows) and enjoy your spouse in a way that you probably never will again. Even if you take trips with just the two of you at any point after the baby is born- I don't think parents ever fully relax and get worry free because no matter who you leave as a babysitter (even the most trusted individuals) you will be worrying about how your child is doing. You may know that he or she is well taken care otherwise you wouldn't have left your child/children with someone who wouldn't take care for them but I get the feeling that I would personally worry over something like is my child on his or her best behavior, and they scared at night without mommy or daddy in the other room, are they comfortable not sleeping in their own bed (or if the person is house sitting) are they comfortable knowing mom and dad aren't in the next room. I for one like family vacations and wouldn't really want to go too many places without my children- I want them to experience the world as I am!

I have also heard stories about how you may unintentionally hate your husband for a period of time after the baby is born. It may be no fault of anyone's but a lack of sleep can do that to you... so why not lock in some lovey-dovey time while you are still sane?!

Wish this was us!

Birth announcements

I think I want to consider doing a birth announcement. Don't get me wrong- there won't be a sole person on this earth who will not know that we had the baby but I like the formality of sending an announcement. it will mainly be a keepsake for me and the immediate family and it will be sent to a few people in me and my husbands lives that aren't close enough to meet the baby sometime in the near future. My husband has amassed a lot of colleagues from his career and his alter ego performances and the majority of his relatives live out of state. I have a handful of friends that I will likely want to send one to and very extended family that will likely want to hear the news as well.

I don't know the specifics and etiquette for sending out announcements so I'm taking a wild stab at this.

1. I will include a picture from our newborn photos. I've already talked this over with my resident photographer and he is willing to do the newborn photos. Now, I have to get my hubby on board for this and figure out how soon after the birth these need to be done. I already have a few concepts in mind and my brother left the 'studio' set up in my house so we can jump right in!

2. I need a design. I think this will actually be based on the sex and name of the baby. I have been casually perusing some sites but haven't come up with anything yet- just getting ideas flowing in my head. Once I see something really striking- I'll post it to my pinterest board to create the perfect card.

3. I need to figure out when they go out. Like if I wait a month after the baby is born, is it pointless at that point? If so, I would be under a huge time crunch while recovering and learning how to be a mom... stressful! AND if I wait too long I could just do Christmas cards- but that just takes the fun out of baby announcements. I love pictures and for baby's first year book I already know I am doing monthly growth photos and holiday photos. So before the year is out baby will have 1,2, and 3 month photos along with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas pics! So throwing in newborn photos should be easy...right?!

I stink at word games!

Okay, I really wanted to show you that I knew how to do something cool with my new iPhone! LOVE IT!

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  1. Love the compiled post! 1 - I would love a birth announcement. 2- I just heard about the babymoon phenom recently and think its a great idea! Plus whatever activities you do may help the baby move along! ;) Jussayin! 3 - I love the Mowry sisters also...mainly bc they remain classy as their celeb status rises and for their hair OF COURSE!!! xoxo!


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