Saturday, July 30, 2011

Preparing for baby!

This past week we have made a few more steps towards preparing for our little bit.

On Saturday we finally ordered the crib! Most mama-to-be's who aren't even as far along as I am would cringe if they wait until 6 weeks before baby is due to order a crib- especially when most crib orders take 10 to 12 weeks! But the crib we order is in stock and we just have to pick it up!

We got both pieces shown in the picture above (in espresso). This is great but even if we had to wait I wasn't too concerned because the crib was going to be in the baby's nursery and not our room- baby however would be in our room. So, I registered for a bassinet and hopefully someone will be kind enough and gift it to us- if not I am grabbing up some coupons and going to get one!

On Tuesday, we went our last installment of baby classes. It was called breastfeeding basics. I really want to breastfeed for as long as possible and I have done a lot of research on this topic. I have quite a few resources already lined up (including my momma who breastfed both of her kids!) and I am feeling quite confident that I will be successful at it. I know I have heard quite a few stories from moms who felt like their babies didn't want to be at the breast, moms who felt like their milk 'couldn't come in' and a whole host of other stories. The class was taught by a lactation consultant who explained all of the reasons a mom would feel this way and what they could do to solve the issue. I know it may not necessarily be the easiest thing in the world but my husband promised to support me and I won't give up after the first few tries. I also found out that they give you a list of local lactation consultants in your baby's bassinet at the hospital so I'll have even more resources by the time I am ready to begin.

My husband was deathly afraid of being the only guy in the class and seeing some other woman's boobies (I highly doubt that one!). All but 2 of the women there had a support person with them and we all stayed full clothed. The only boobs he saw was the women in the video they show you and I'm positive he's over it now. In order to demonstrate proper positioning and latching techinques, we did have hands on demos with a plush boob and baby doll. It was very unassuming and not as uncomfortable as I thought! I didn't get a picture of the practice boob but here was our baby:

I think I want to do the natural birth class as well. Some days I feel like I can do it, othere days I feel like I can't. Ideally I think I want to go as long as possible without meds so that they don'taffect the baby too much- but pain is pain and childbirth pain is nothing to play with! I keep meaning to give the hopsital a call to see if they have any classes left this month. I know it's getting down to the wire- but I think I want to give it a shot.

Today, hubby is supposed to do some more painting in the baby's room. I really wish I had taken before pics, but I guess during and after pics will do. Here's to a busy weekend!

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