Friday, July 8, 2011

2 random thoughts

This post is consists of random things that I wanted to tell you but likely do not really warrant a post of their own.
My celebrity crush right now is Tia Mowry-Hardrict. Maybe it's the pregnancy thing but I'm loving her right now. She always looks put together, very glamorous, and is real about her pregnancy. She even talks about how she's grateful that she's not having twins and respects her mama even more now. She's in a long line of celebs who put their nude pregnancy photos out there for everyone to see. I'm going to do a maternity shoot (hopefully sometime in the next couple of days) but I am not sure if I will be sharing the shots with the world... I may post the decent ones here but I think they are brave for showing it off. Some pregnant women don't feel very sexy during their pregnancies and I think it's wonderful that they show it can be a very beautiful time.

Right before the holiday weekend, she had her baby boy. I'm pretty sure she name him Cree. I am so happy for them. She and her sister have a show coming out this August and I a) can't wait to see it and b) hope they document the pregnancy and Tamera's wedding.


Extreme Couponing has change my life. I happened to stumble upon this show when they were advertising with previews and I recorded an episode (it came on too late for a pregnant woman) and I was immediately hooked. I learned so much about how to manage my grocery finances better from watching this show. When I originally started clipping coupons I never intended to start stock piling until I came across some can't refuse deals. I don't have much but this is a sample:

The sauces will be great for when we need quick meals after baby is born. I know part of the secret is to make meals and freeze them to be popped in the oven whenever- but {both}my freezers can only hold so much. Secondly- the salad dressing is going to be used all summer. So far we have have about 4 or 5 cookouts/impromptu gatherings and it's come in handy every time.


That's all for now.

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