Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

So to continue yesterday's post....

Friday was awesome! I was super excited because not only was it a half-day Friday at work, my hubby's department gave us a baby shower! My department gave us one a few weeks ago and we are truly blessed by everyone's generosity. I am so overwhelmed I am going to do a post dedicated to the kindness of our co-workers :)

Saturday I got to sleep in. The previous two nights I didn't sleep a wink. Some of the it was due to comfort levels and some of it was because I've been having some uneasy feelings over a few situations and I'm not really ready to deal with it because I feel like pregnant me is handling the situation and I think it would be kind of different than how not-pregnant me would handle it. After moseying around the house for a while- I decided I needed to take advantage of the warm weather and get out the house. So hubby and I headed to the mall to get a few items for our trip this week. Afterwards we headed to my aunt's house for another impromptu cookout- LOVE these.

I also got to do a little catching up with my cousin who had her baby earlier this week. My new little cousin is sooo precious! I really have high hopes and dreams of the three summer babies hanging out and playing together.

Sunday I had a long day at church. I actually made it longer than it needed to be but I was being lazy and didn't feel like driving home and back. We had our vacation bible school closing program and while I have no kids or family who attended I stayed to support my cousin who was the co-director and some of the teenagers at the church were camp counselors. After the program I went home and knocked out on the couch. I feel bad because my husband asked me to hang out with him at his friends house but before I could get up to get dressed- I was sleep and he was kissing me goodbye.

Once I woke up I tried to begin packing for my upcoming trip and straightening up the house. I did get most of my clothes washed but I hate last minute packing because I always feel like I am leaving something. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't but I like to lay everything out on the table on go over it to make sure. The day we leave will be very hectic for me so it's important that I get this done before hand and minimize the amount I have to spend for 'essentials' while away.

So it's Monday and I'm back at work... my last day before vacation and the only thing I can think about is hitting the road!

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