Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A post for my parents

Actually this post is dedicated to all my real life family and friends. All of you guys come up to me and "comment" on my blog posts. While I appreciate all of your lovely comments, support, and stories of support- you can feel free to comment right on my post! I asked my parents why do they wait to see me to tell me these things- especially when they say, "Oh! I forgot to tell you that post you did about not being able to see your whoo haa was funny!"- they admitted they don't know how. So parents, cousins, friends, church fam... this is for you.

Blog header: This is also my blog address. I know some of you can't get to my blog without looking at email from me, lol! It's frommrstomom.blogspot.com.

Pages: These are pages of info that I randomly decided to share.

Post labels 2: These are the labels I've used to label my posts. I only have selected labels here so some random things like Y3W's aren't here. I don't like keeping all the labels here cause I think it make more blog clutter.

Blog Roll: These are blogs I follow. Well not all of them... Just my brother's and my friend's. Blogger templates do not allow you to edit the number of blogs shown at once- so I think. Either way I don't think my blog is popular enough to have a good blog roll anyway.

Archives: These are the post archives. So if you wanted to find the post I did on St. Patrick's Day You would click on March, then 15 weeks. As I post more posts and the blog gets older this lists gets longer and longer... years will eventually be added and so and and so forth.

Follow Me (1&2): When you "follow" someones blog it means you get 'notified' once that blog has a new post. You can follow using one of two options- you can follow by email or if you have a gmail account you can follow with Google Friend Connect (GFC). I've never followed someone by email so I have no idea if you get email notifications for new posts by if you follow using GFC new posts will show up in your google reader (provided you use your gmail account). Following blogs are important to the author to let them know they have interested readers plus the more followers you have you can qualify for different product reviews for companies... so FOLLOW ME! "Following" by typing the blog address in your browser counts towards your blogs stats (which is important as well) but authors like to see that they are getting popular.

My Signature: It's me! It's going to be at the bottom of every post that I post. I've been trying to get my hubby to guest post- but you see how that's going.

Comment: This keeps tracks of the comments people post on my blog. If it says zero- click it and leave a comment- I love feedback... good, bad, indifferent, agreements, disagreements, just a hello... whatever. If it already has a number (shout out to Ebs for being the most frequent commenter!) Then check out what others had to say, it may spark a discussion! Authors loves comments too... so LEAVE A COMMENT!

Post label: These are words that I tag my posts by. It makes for easy archiving and sort of categorize each post. For instance- If you like something you see in a this week's obsession post and you want to buy it for the baby you can search my blog for the words 'This week's obsession' and it will bring up all the posts with that label. I try to have as much consistency with labeling posts as possible.

Okay, so now that you've had your blog(ger) lesson- there will be a quiz at the end of the week.


  1. bwahahahaha! That would SOOOOO be my mother! She still refuses to follow my YouTube, even the videos she's IN! She's like "IDK who would wanna hear you ramble on..." but then she asks a MILLION questions!

    Well...you know I comment! lol. *off to catch up on other posts*

  2. Ok so I checked again and apparently I did something wrong so lets try this again , me and mom were reading your blog and we are very excited and happy for you , you have had an amazing pregnancy just know g pa is ready to roll


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