Friday, August 5, 2011

Y3W: packing while pregnant

In case you you forgot what the heck Y3W is here's a refresh. Okay now down to business.

This week we are traveling to my annual family reunion with a few other stops thrown in along the way. So, in order to make these stops we left early and drove. We initially planned this trek when I was not pregnant- and when we found out we were hopeful that the pregnancy wouldn't throw too much of a wrench in our plans. My doctor gave me the a-ok to make the trip (so you can stop freaking out) and by the way things have been going I knew I'd be alright. Our 14 hour drive will be taken over the course of two days (on the way there). So I of course had to pack accordingly. My husband restricted my luggage to one suitcase (that I had to share with him :/) and a carry on.

I realize it's really difficult to see how this is numbered but bare with me anyway-

1. Pillow/blanket/sweater: for as much comfort as possible. I have a tendency to be colder than others so my sweater was essential -along with my blanket- for warmth. AND who likes falling asleep without a pillow?! Not me and I'm like a baby- I fall asleep on car rides longer than 2 hours.

2. The most recent picture of our little one (from Monday's ultrasound).

3. Laptop: for on the go access to the interwebs.

4. My phone: I actually had to make several important calls on the go.

5. Lots of reading material. I feel like I don't get to do this as much as I'd like.

6. Hubby's candy- it's his favorite... notice one of the boxes are already open :/

7. Lots of water for hydration.

8. My mom's candy- she made us take it so she wouldn't eat it all before we left.

9. My snacks, candy, and mints.

So that should've gotten us off to a good start. Well that was before my hubby stood me in front of the pantry and nearly cleaned it out bringing extras for our entire out of town stay.Then he got the cooler and loaded it with ice, water, and a few other beverages for himself.

Then comes the hard part- sharing a suitcase with my husband. It actually worked out better than I thought it would basically because I wear a lot of lightweight dresses during the summer.

This is my pool gear. I still don't have the guts to show my bare belly in public even with no stretch marks so the first outfit must be accompanied by the cover up- which is not actually a cover up but will be used as one while at the pool.

These are my travel outfits. We are going to be on the road quite a bit so I need something super comfy. My bottoms (which you can't see very well) are maternity gauchos from old navy.

These are random outfits that need to be thrown together. So far I've been away for 3 days and I haven't felt like getting dressed, putting on make-up, or accessorizing ( i think due to my inability to remain comfy all night) so I haven't had much decision making to do besides pulling something out of  a suitcase. I secretly wish I was way more fashionable than I am now but then moments like this happen and all of that goes out the window. I have this vision of 'mommy glam' when my baby will be a few months old and we go out and I am super cute- but somehow I think that will go out the window as well with spit-up accidents, sleep deprivation, and a screaming infant. I'm trying to start my healthy hair journey this month because it's a well known fact that all the beautiful hair you get during pregnancy will likely shed a few weeks after birth so I am trying to counter act that by starting my HHJ now. But more on this later.

Lastly, this is my outfit for the denim and diamonds banquet on Sunday. Every year our banquet is always themed and I love dressing up with that theme. I am so proud that I found a maternity outfit at a reasonable price that fits this years theme.

So all of this accompanied with endless jams, jellies, and  other toiletries rounded out my packing list and much to my surprise- it all fit in with hubby's stuff! Oddly enough there is a trip I want to take in March and while we wouldn't be driving- I can only imagine what my 'packing with a 6 month old' post will be like!

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