Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Aug/Sept HHJ update

Since I only started my journey at the beginning of this month- I don't have much to report about the state of my hair. Well maybe a few things. I've found that a lot of hair bloggers do a monthly goal and update check, so I think I've decided to incorporate that into my blogging to help me stay on track and remain accountable. Plus, your feedback keeps me motivated.


Since I had no true August hair goals to begin with, I'm going to report some positive things I've noticed/accomplished this month.
I find my hair to be way more manageable now. Normally after 5 weeks, I have had enough and am begging for a relaxer so my hair is silky straight again. I think the daily moisturization has done the trick.

I've continued to learn about healthy hair. I haven't been able to devote as much time as I'd like to research due to my baby's impending arrival but I did find a few new blogs that I think will help.

I can't believe I did it but I've stuck to my weekly washes. I truly didn't think I would do it. Actually I almost skipped last week but downtime I had during hurricane Irene 's shut-in gave me no excuses.

I distinctly remember two people telling me my hair looks very nice, healthy, and shiny *blushes*. I think a lot of people are attributing it to PNV and pregnancy but quite honestly, I've been taking the same PNV for over a year before I got pregnant. Now I'm sure pregnancy hormones are contributing to my hair health but remember I am trying to keep this up through post-partum shedding and beyond- so we will see.


Continue my weekly regime (the little regime that I have). It's been working so far but we will see how this continues with a newborn.

Add a few more products to my regime plus some basics. As far as basics, I need to pick up some more plastic shower caps (my pre poos are ruining them even after I wash out the product) and a silk bonnet (to protect styles that a scarf doesn't do a good job at). I also want to try some Bee Mine products at the recommendation of my hair shepard Ebony. I haven't decided which ones to try yet (I'm sure she will tell me which ones *hint, hint*) but I am looking for some good ones to enhance my regime. Plus I found a coupon code to help manage my budget (yes!).  Lastly, I need a good moisturizing deep conditioner to keep up my routine.

I really, really, really want to add half wigs into my regime. I think this is an essential for get up and go styles. I suck at styling my hair and really need the assistance (and versatility) that the wigs will give me. I currently have one half wig that I've pretty much retired because I feel like it's starting to look like a wig. I have a full wig that I'm thinking of retiring because it definitely looks like a wig. I'd like to try something that blends well with the front of my hair and looks at close to natural as a wig can get. I've been wig shopping several times and I can't find a single darn thing that works for me. The hair is usually too short, too thin, too shiny, etc. If I buy one wig before September is out- I'd be proud.

Last relaxer: 7/28/11            Last trim: 8/19/11
Next relaxer: 9/15/11
Current stretch: 5 weeks

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  1. Yaaah to no-more relaxers! Our hair regiments can be so costly, great that you found the coupon:-)


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