Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was amazing!

On Friday, my hubby treated me to my hair appointment for this month. I normally hate getting my hair done. In fact I always have. It stems from getting my hair pressed when I was little- but that's another post for another day. Sitting under a dryer for an hour + is not all that fun at 9 months pregnant. All of that however was overshadowed by my mani/pedi Saturday morning.

Yep! My wonderful hubby treated me to a mani/pedi too! I love being pampered. I was a little disappointed that I never made it to my pre-natal massage treatment at my favorite spa ever during this pregnancy (I had to cancel twice) but I hope to make up for that at some point maybe in December? Then after my mani/pedi my hubby dressed me (yea, he does that sometimes) and whisked me away to my BABY SHOWER!!!!!

Okay, here's a little secret. I knew that it was this weekend but it was still an amazing surprise for me. You see- my family likes to give surprise parties. I think we like for the guest of honor not too be too involved so we don't clue them in on any details... not a single one. I had to do a lot of bargaining to get my family to tell me the date. You see my college graduation party was a surprise, my bridal shower was a surprise, and in between those we gave my parent's a surprise 25th wedding anniversary party, my mom a surprise 50th birthday party, and my brother a semi-surprise graduation party... I was kind of out of surprises. So, our deal was I would know the date so I could get plenty of rest the night before, try to look the best I can, and basically enjoy myself.

However I had no idea what was in store for me. I had no idea that almost 100 of my friends and family would be there! I know this sounds silly but - who knew so many people cared! When I walked in the room and everyone yelled surprise! I was in shock. My guests had come from far and wide to celebrate the birth of our first child. Remember our friends we visited in Chicago?? Well she came out too! I had a few more guests who came from out of state and that mean a lot to me. I am truly overwhelmed (still) and feel blessed to have such amazing people supporting us in this journey. But more on this tomorrow.

Some of the baby's clothes... we're going to need a bigger closet!
The stack of diapers... so far

I didn't sleep much that night so I was up pretty early for church on Sunday. I'm not sure if that will happen again for a long time. Anyway, I'm glad I was there to hear the message. My pastor is on a much needed vacation this week so one of my fellow Elders gave the message entitled "Wait for God ... but pay attention". This message was something I needed to hear. She opened with a story (which you may have read via email forward) about a man who was waiting for God to send him blessings but he missed them (all 3) because he wasn't paying attention to his actual blessings being sent. I'm going to try to Google the story because it truly speaks volumes. The most resonating point was being thankful for all the blessing you have been given despite your current trials - for the unemployed who may not have a paycheck now, be thankful for the paychecks you received and the paychecks that may be waiting for you in the future. For the sick whose bodies are currently afflicted- be thankful for the days you had when you were well and able bodied. The list goes on. I don't really care right now to share some of what I believe to be my current trials but when I look back on my past trials and laugh at myself for thinking those were actual burdens to me (at the time) and seeing how far I've come, I'm looking forward to my future self and laughing now because I know I will be laughing then too.

And now Monday morning, we meet again.

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  1. I'm so glad you had fun! I feel you on wanting to know the date - but being okay with being clueless on the details. That's what I want for my grad party. I wish I could've attended!!!!! If there was any way possible, I would've been there! Love the message, I actually overslept yesterday *gasp* so I needed to hear that.

    PS. What a tease telling me about your hair appt without any pictures! lol!


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