Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's National Pancake Day!

I didn't get to celebrate today, but you still have time to. IHOP is giving away free short stacks of pancakes until 10 pm. I'll continue sitting on my couch catching up on sleep while you all enjoy free pancakes.  Next Tuesday is fat Tuesday- the pregame to the lent season. I won't be fasting this season because I wouldn't be the only one fasting but the lent season is always interesting in my church.

In other news- Wendy Williams is going to be on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars! I love the show and am a fan of Wendy Williams.  There are a few others I'm interested to see this season- Romeo, Kendra, Kristie Alley, and Sugar Ray Leonard. I'm interested to see how everyone does. I really think this show is a popularity contest- but entertaining nonetheless.

Lastly, tomorrow is my one week blogiverssary!!! I know that's not much compared to the likes of those attending the blogher conferences but I'm proud of what I've accomplished thus far. I feel a lot better at times being able to vent. My husband has been great but I'm sure he's tired of all the baby related references. Thanks for being my outlet- even if it's only one of you so far :)


The Mrs.

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