Monday, February 28, 2011

The results are in!

Last week, we went for our first trimester screening. It was quite a process- starting with the water. You must have a full bladder to get a full trans abdominal ultrasound. It's a good thing our appointment was in the morning because I could not have handled that mid-afternoon. The staff was quite efficient considering they had a room full of women who had to desperately use the bathroom.

First we saw a genetic counselor. There wasn't much to talk about because no one in my husband's family or my family has any congenital abnormalities (that we know of). My husband and I are also of different races so the chance of having a child with genetic abnormalities are greatly reduced. After speaking with her she sent us back out into the waiting room. Then we were called in by the ultrasound tech. She was very nice, however the baby was sleeping face down in my tummy so for a few minutes I considered shouting obscenities at her as she pushed and moved the wand around on my very full bladder for what seemed like an eternity. Finally the baby turned! She was able to get excellent pictures of the back of the neck where they take the NT measurement. If my memory serves me correctly, I think the number was about 1.25... I think. She got really good shots of everything she needed- the top of the head, the rump, all that jazz. The best for us was the profile shots- I think it's the most recognizable for untrained technicians. The baby even looked like it waved at us. She gave us those pics in sequence- arm at side, arm midway in air, arm fully extended!

Then we had to wait for the doctor to review the pics. I considered having my husband go fetch him because I was sure my bladder was going to explode. The hubby was sitting next to a door that I made him check to see if it was a bathroom. Negative. Finally the doc walks in, announces everything looks good, prints us out a few 3D pictures, and then leaves. The ultrasound tech handed my a towel to clean up my belly, then I beelined to the bathroom, thank goodness there wasn't anyone else in there. However, when I came out there were about 3 other women waiting. Then back to the waiting room :( The constant back and forth between exam room and waiting room was a real pain, but I'm sure it's what works for them. Next was a finger stick. I can take a blood draw but that finger prick made my finger hurt til the next day. After she pricked she had to squeeze out blood for 5 different sample drops. Painful. I have a new found respect for diabetics. Then back out tot he waiting room (I told you it was annoying). Then we able to schedule to the 20 week scan and finally we released.

I got the phone call this morning that everything came back good good and they will see us at 20 weeks. This is a huge relief from our incident about 3 weeks ago. More about that later. I am just very happy that we are progressing well and I look forward to our 16 week appointment. Here is one of the 3D pictures of our face down bundle of joy!

The Mrs.

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