Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Summer Fever

Yep! I'm skipping spring fever and going straight to summer! I can not wait for warm weathers, backyards bbq's and baby showers :) That's right baby showers-plural. I am one of three cousins expecting this year. so exciting for our family!!! I think I am even more excited that my little one will have two older cousins (one expected in July and one in August) to play with! It'll be fun :) At least that's what I envision... we'll sit together at church, trade baby secrets, baby sit for each other and our children will grow up best friends! I don't know if that's likely or not but it good wishful thinking :)

Anyway, I'm over the floor length bubble coats and gloves. I'm over boots and thick socks. Please bring on the flip-flops and pedicures (you can NOT have one with out the other!) the ice cream and water fights, and long nights and impromptu parties. My cousins and I are known for starting impromptu parties -usually in my aunt's backyard. Although I always fall asleep outside- I love being together with my fam and friends and we bug out and have a GOOD time. I am so looking foward to it. But for now, I'll just crack up the heat, throw on a few blankets and deal...

P.S. 9 days til our doctor's appointment!

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