Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The expanding wardrobe...

... literally and figuratively.

To piggy back on this thought regarding maternity fashion- I am not totally against it, but I do think there are pieces that may be a bit unflattering. There are a few items that I've found that are quite cute, but I can't bring myself to spend a lot of money on clothes that will have very limited use (with the exception of my wedding gown- which really was a gift from my mom). I will spend a great deal of summer with a baby bump. According to other moms, summers can be quite uncomfortable in the heat so a pool will probably be my best friend. Where there is a pool, there is a swimsuit...

Cute right?! It's $119...exactly! I wouldn't pay that much for a swimsuit sans baby bump! Which brings me to my next point. I have my family reunion banquet coming up. Actually I'll be 35w 2d. The theme for the weekend is denim and diamonds. How on earth am I going to find a denim maternity outfit :/ that is cute and affordable?! I must admit two weeks ago I had to break down and buy a pair of maternity jeans because wearing sweat pants was not going to cut it anymore- I eventually had to go back out in public. So, I went to Target and found a cute pair of Liz Lange maternity jeans. Not only did they fit, but they were cute! I got a lot of compliments from family member and thought- this isn't so bad. Another confession: I starting wearing maternity pants on a regular basis starting 3/14 and I don't look absolutely horrible.

So, the more I delve into this this- the more I find that maternity clothes aren't that horrible. Which brings me back to finding a something to wear during the family reunion weekend. Of all the griping I've been doing about maternity clothes, I actually like these
I know, I know... you're shaking your head at me. But what can I say, I am proud to be pregnant and very indecisive.

So my maternity clothing debate comes to a close. I need to get build a bridge and get over it!

**2 more days until I get to check on my little one!**

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