Monday, June 1, 2015

Hello June!

I made it!!! The entire month of May I kept up with this blogging journey. I was able to do so by allocating my lunch breaks to blogging. The most time consuming and not iPad friendly parts were picture editing. And FYI- it's my 400th post!!! If I keep this up I'll be at 500 in about 2018, LOL!

While Memorial Day tends to be regarded as the beginning of summer, I usually think of the month of June as the beginning of summer. Growing up I went to a private school where we were in school longer during the school year (meaning 8 to 3:30 unlike the public school schedule- why on earth are kids still getting out of school at 2:30?!?!) which means we were out of school in May. We had put in our hours a whole month (and change) ahead of time and while the rest of our friends were still drudging to school I was home with my grandma chillaxing.

There are quite a few things I look forward to every June:
- my (former) dance school's yearly recital. Even though I don't go anymore (boohoo) I still go to support my mom & brother who still dance. Plus there's a ton of kids from my church who go there as well.

- Hubby's birthday. he's such a low key guy that there is never any fan fare surrounding his birthday. I remember one year while we were dating I took him to Atlantic City for a long weekend. he said it was the best birthday he had ever had :-) Dang, I wish we could do that again.

- Father's Day. Because there is nothing like Dad. I'm a  Daddy's girl and hubby is a great father to our children so I like celebrating them.

-My parent's anniversary. They are such an inspiration! This year marks number 33 for them.

- Graduations. There isn't anyone in my immediately extended family graduating this year. But maybe I''l take the opportunity to recap my cousin's high school graduation from last year. Maybe not- the pictures that I have are horrible!


- Weekend trips. I don't think we will get in any this month cause of all the celebrations we will have going on. We literally have on e free weekend this month to do that any I am sure it's going to get booked up soon!

Hopefully (fingers really crossed) this month on the blog you'll be seeing:
- A recap our Babymoon
- Baby's gender reveal
- A recap of Mother's Day
- A recap of Father's Day
- Some bumpdates
- more of my momtography
- anything else fun we got going on.

But if not- I'll catch up with ya in about 3 months... kidding... kind of!

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  1. Happy June to u...first time on ur blog! love the post!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you again!


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