Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Recap: Lake George

We had the pleasure of accompanying really close friends of ours to Lake George for the weekend. I was honored that they invited us because they are a tight knit family and they consider us as such and invited us along for their weekend getaway. My son was thrilled because he loves their children and always looks forward to playing with them despite their age difference (around 8 years and less). I love it because they are old enough to not have to watch them like a hawk and the older two care for him so much.

Our rooms were suite style with a full kitchen and a grill outside our room. So we spent no money on food except the groceries we bought.

Okay, I take that back.

I had a craving for ice cream so we did make our way to Ben & Jerry's...twice. Don't judge me. We had such a good time relaxing with our friends, watching the kids enjoy themselves, and even listening to the stories/advice that their parents had for us. It was 10 people in total but it never felt like too many, but always just right. Hubby and I loved it so much we want to make plans to go back with our nuclear family.

So, here are a few pictures from that weekend. I wish we lived closer because there is so much that we didn't get to do. This was my first time at Lake George and I was pleasantly surprised by what it has to offer.

 photo fmtmsig-1.png

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