Wednesday, June 19, 2013

31 years

31 years is a long time. At least for me it is. Heck, it's longer than I've been alive! Do you know what you can accomplish in 31 years- you could pay off a mortgage in that amount of time... but I digress.

I don't know much about what happened on this day 31 years ago although I have heard awesome stories about the events surrounding that day. I don't know much about what happened in the years following either, but one thing I do know is that two people came together to embark on a journey that would be the foundation for 31 more years of something I am grateful to have been apart of. Marriage isn't easy (at all!) but I have learned so much about a Christian marriage through my parents and that's something you can't really learn elsewhere.

Out of this union came my brother and I, our childhood home which we can go back to this very day, my husband and child, and tons of memories, moments, events, and a lifetime full of love.

 I am proud to call these two my parents and want to wish them a Happy 31st Wedding Anniversary!


  1. Aww, happy anniversary to your parents. 31years seems like forever considering I wasn't born then either. Definitely something to be very proud of :)

  2. 31 years is definitely a long time and may God continue to bless their union. They remind me of my parents and it's something I hope to have one day.

  3. Wow. 31 years. I hope to say that one day!

    Happy anniversary to your parents!


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