Friday, June 5, 2015

Five on Friday: The weekend

Our weekends this month are kind of packed. But that's the way we like it! I am hoping to be able to actually share the outcome of each of these but here is what's deck for the next 48 hours...

Tomorrow morning is the first of our hospital classes. Buggy is up first. He's attending a sibling class which I'm really excited about. According to the class description they will go over normal infant behavior, feelings the children may have, and ways to help mom and dad. My son is really excited about the new baby and we've been discussing it a lot. He says he is going to share with her, help take care of her, and teach her everything. Every once in a while he asks me to take a video of him so he can send a message to the baby. It so adorable! He even knows that when baby has a stinky diaper he will get a new one so baby can be changed. The class will also make a project for the baby to give as a gift and have cupcakes as a birthday celebration.

The rest of the day is going to be spent prepping for Father's day. My family is coming to visit with us again and we have lots planned. So, I have to start getting the house ready. Making sure the guest bedroom is ready, continue our spring cleaning, etc. It's not exciting but it has to get done. It's the only weekend we'll be home between now and then so I gotta start somewhere. I'm also home to spend sometime just relaxing as a family. I got buggy a new water table and if the weather is warm enough I'm whipping that out for him!

 Sunday we will - as a family- attend our first 5K run/walk. We've missed this event in years past so I'm happy we will finally have the chance to attend. I've started prepping Buggy for what to expect and I'm secretly hoping that he will win in his age category. I have no hopes of winning anything in my current condition though but it's a fun fundraiser for a good cause. Anybody have any good tips for us?!

 My current condition... It might be time for a bumpdate.

Sunday evening is going to be more relaxing. I have a one day business trip the following day and it's a long drive there and back. I almost wish I could drive down ahead of time just to easy the anticipation of the 'long drive'. It's not the drive itself that I'm not looking forward to- it's just that I'll be in the car with my coworkers and while I like them (a lot) I'm not a conversationalist and find it awkward to have to make conversation for 6 hours (3 there and three back). Plus, I'm a pretty private person (despite having such a public blog) and I don't want to go on and on about myself. Nor do I care to hear every single detail about someone else's personal life. Certainly we share our family updates and funny stories at the water cooler just like any other office, but not for 3 hours. In fact, we have to leave so early I'd probably like to be asleep for most of the drive. Of course that won't happen but still. Fun stuff. However, a day out of the office is a day out of the office...

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  1. I was just thinking to myself, "she was very private When we worked together" Lol it's good to know this side of you. You seem to be a fun and outgoing individual.

    1. Haha! Very true!

      "Fun and outgoing"?! Thanks, I would have never described myself that way!


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