Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A celebration for baby girl!

One Friday afternoon, my co-workers "surprised" me with a small shower for our baby girl. I say "surprised" because I knew the date- I just didn't know what to expect. I work in an office with 9 women and absolutely no testosterone except by the way of our work-study students and we are all about our celebrations. We usually have "food fests" for some holidays where everyone bring in a dish to share and we sit around for a bit a pig out. Since I've started working there, we've had the pleasure of celebrating a Master's degree graduation and another baby shower. We will also be celebrating a wedding early this fall (or really late summer, whatever). Plus we have our annual Christmas luncheon at a local restaurant. So we are no strangers to celebrations. It's not quite like at my old job where we used to do it once a month (to celebrate those born that month) but it's still a way to bring some fun into the office.

The ladies took their inspiration from one of our "announcement" pictures and it was sooooo adorable! I certainly didn't expect this and was pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my "big girl" camera (cause I really didn't expect this) so all of these are from my phone.

It was a superhero theme with a female twist! My son LOVES superhero's and there are times when he insists that we call him by his superhero name and he even has his own super powers. I don't know why I didn't think of my little girl as a superhero as well. I know girls likes superheros too but it just never occurred to me that she might like them too. It was an awesome theme- I loved it!

Each of my co-workers wrote out wishes or super powers for our little girl. The link provided is a recap of all the super powers they gave her. I really hope she ends up with many of these...

Then of course there were games. We played 'name that baby' because well... our little girl still doesn't have a name yet. Everyone wrote their  name suggestions and I had to guess which person suggested it. That was harder than I thought! And there were lots of similar names too, many of which are derived from our grandparent's names (which they requested to know before hand). And we ended up with some really cute suggestions! And as you can see I only got 3 correct... shameful, LOL!

A few other things that happened- my shower got 'Baumed'. While I know that makes no sense and means absolutely nothing to you all (nor do I need to explain the story cause you wouldn't care) but I thought I'd write that down for prosperity. He gave his name suggestions of Evelyn and Catherine (maybe it was Caroline) after his grandmother's (awwww!). I wish I would have gotten a picture because that would've made the best photo bomb reference ever!

- My husband did get a chance to come by which I was very very happy about. This guy is quite the charmer and had everyone cracking up with his Batman 'through the movies' impersonations. He does a pretty funny Christian Bale as Batman. He was super sick but came anyway (he said the short walk across campus nearly did him in) and for that I'm grateful (and still in love).

-We had lunch at one of the local restaurants that I had never been to. When they made the reservations they indicated that they had gluten free breads and pastas available but when we got there they only had gluten free penne (two of us are gluten free). One of the girls who made the reservations felt awful. I kept telling her not to worry about it (because we both still ate) but she really felt bad. I keep reminding her that she isn't the kitchen manager at that place and it wasn't her fault!

-We were gifted a few lovely items including a new stroller. I really wasn't expecting that! We are so grateful that they thought enough of us to purchase such a large gift. I was floored. And did I mention grateful?!

- I didn't want to cut my cake. If I had my way it would still be intact, LOL! It was so cute but there was something disturbing about cutting into a pregnant belly!

Here a small picture video recap. When I say small, I mean small. I didn't want it to be overwhelmingly long because who wants to sit through that?!

 photo fmtmsig-1.png


  1. Showers are always fun...beautiful! lovely lovely post!

  2. What a very thoughtful thing to do. Your co-workers sure do know how to celebrate. Congrats again on the baby girl!

  3. Congrats on baby girl, how exciting


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