Monday, June 8, 2015

Momtography Monday

If you follow me on Instagram, then you've certainly seen this already. But I wanted to share a bit more of the story behind this photo.
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The weather that week had been a little crazy. It went from kind of hot (how I like it) at 88 degrees to way too cold with an overnight low of 39 degrees. But we were still determined to enjoy the warm weather when we could. So after dinner we decided to sit on the front porch and watch the rain go by. This gave me a chance to sit down (rather than chase a little boy around) and allowed him to burn off a little left over energy from the day. 

We sat and watched the rain turn from a drizzle to a downpours to a windy mess of getting misted while outside. He thought it was fantastic! I on the other had was cold.

After the storm clouds passed a beautiful rainbow appeared in the skies. It might quite possibly be the first real live rainbow that he was able to comprehend. So I decided to snap a few pics of him with it. I know this is supposed to be my momtography (using my real camera to capture photos) post but I didn't have time to get all that. So I used my phone instead. 

This time around it was less about capturing the perfect picture but instead, remembering the perfect moment.  He was fascinated by the rainbow (and quite frankly so was I). In order to get a better picture, I changed him into his rain boots and we left the porch so that so many trees and houses wouldn't be in the way of the shot. Then I had to get creative...

It was a little hard to get that juuuuust right, but who cares- he was giggling so hard I couldn't keep a steady hand anyway! I edited the one below to get the rainbow to 'stand out' more.

Once I had snapped a few pics I was ready to call it quits. But he looked at me the way only a 3 and a half year old could and asked if he could play. So I figured what the heck! So he would get a little (ok a lot) wet, and probably be dirty but I bet he would have the time of his life- and continue to burn off that extra energy. So I let him let loose- right into every single puddle on our block. By that time a few of the neighbors had come outside to see the rainbow as well and they thought he was so cute. I think jumping in puddles seem to bring anyone back to childhood memories, before marriages, before the bills, before life's twists and turns kinds of put a jaded view on the little things in life that bring happiness.

And that... is how you count rainbows and NOT thunderstorms.

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  1. I did see your Instagram post. I liked the statement and picture but I love the story behind it even more!


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